International People

PersonLatest ContentContent Date
Mahmoud Abbas01
Shinzo Abe04
Bashar al-Assad5924Russia is Preparing for War in Syria...and America Should L...2015-10-19
Nouri al-Maliki426Obama Administration Drawing Up Plans to Bomb Iraq; Decisio...2014-08-19
Abdullah of Saudi Arabia514Will King Abdullah's Death Bring About Change or More of th...2015-01-24
Salman of Saudi Arabia511Will King Abdullah's Death Bring About Change or More of th...2015-01-24
Yasser Arafat02
Julian Assange462Julian Assange arrested2019-04-13
Michelle Bachelet03
Tony Blair31Trump, Bush and the return of Tony Blair2016-12-17
Richard Branson12Branson Giving Away His Billions to Gates Foundation2013-02-19
Felipe Calderon10Mexico's cartel problems get worse. Any chance for change?2011-11-30
David Cameron12Prime Minister Cameron arrogantly calls strikes 'damp squib'2011-11-30
Raul Castro2515President Obama to Visit Cuba After 50 Years of Diplomatic...2016-03-21
Hugo Chavez253Socialism Vs. Capitalism: What's Next for Venezuela?2013-04-18
Catholic Church26673The pope involvement2016-02-20
Vatican City26267The pope involvement2016-02-20
Richard Dawkins17Richard Dawkins: The World's Top Thinker2013-04-25
Abdel Fattah el-Sisi191Egypt's New President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi2014-06-14
Rob Ford028
Pope Francis23356The pope involvement2016-02-20
Moammar Gadhafi109With Gadhafi gone, Libya's Interim leader Jalil promises tu...2011-12-03
King Hamad00
Stephen Harper16Stephen Harper Ignoring Canada's Top Scientists Concerns Ov...2013-05-29
Terrorists9016"Radical Islam Terrorists" vs "Terrorists"2019-02-22
Francois Hollande1217Obama and Hollande: an anti-terrorist alliance2015-11-26
Elizabeth II00
Pope John Paul II87Pope Who Covered Up The Worst Child Molestation Scandal in...2014-04-28
Popes25959The pope involvement2016-02-20
Mustafa Abdul Jalil50With Gadhafi gone, Libya's Interim leader Jalil promises tu...2011-12-03
Xi Jinping3311The "bully" strikes again2018-09-26
Hu Jintao00
Kim Jong-il32Kim Jong Il's Death - Discuss Political Ramifications here2011-12-20
Kim Jong-un17918North Korea2019-12-16
Hamid Karzai121Playing Santa Claus2013-04-30
Ali Khamenei01
Suu Kyi11Suu Kyi's Never Ending Drive for Democracy2013-02-12
Osama bin Laden6911Fox News Publishes Name Of SEAL Who Led Bin Laden Raid2014-05-04
Dalai Lama11Dalai Lama's Drive For Religious Harmony2013-05-09
Nicolás Maduro897Venezuela nearing economic collapse2019-05-18
Nelson Mandela4353Nelson Mandela Dead at 952013-12-13
Emilio Márquez00
Theresa May282The Brexit exit2020-01-31
Angela Merkel9118the Berlin Wall2021-04-16
Narendra Modi1510"Mr. Obama" was in India today...does anyone care?2015-01-30
Mohamed Morsi7911Egypt's New President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi2014-06-14
Benjamin Netanyahu28541The Kushner/Trump Middle East "Giveaway Plan"2020-01-29
Oscar Pistorius543Oscar Pistorius: Judge Masipa Says 'Blade Runner' C...2014-09-12
Petro Poroshenko3616A Cornered Animal is a Dangerous Thing: Putin's Ukraine Med...2015-02-13
Jonathan Powell01
Vladimir Putin674187The G7 or "6"?2021-02-14
Hassan Rouhani25Hassan Rouhani wins Iran presidential election2013-06-18
Ariel Sharon18Ariel Sharon Dead at 852014-01-11
Jalal Talabani10Iraq's President Talabani says US presence in Iraq beyond 2...2011-11-30
Mother Teresa00
Margaret Thatcher56Margaret Thatcher, former UK Prime Minister, dies2013-04-08
Justin Trudeau83Trudeau visit2019-09-24
Prince Harry of Wales48Is it time to end the British Monarchy?2013-07-23
Pope Benedict XVI262Pope Benedict XVI to resign2013-02-16
Viktor Yanukovych8992Ukraine is Burning, but Don't be Surprised if You Haven't H...2014-05-08
Malala Yousafzai013
Asif Ali Zardari00
Jacob Zuma00