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  • Ebola outbreak: Deadliest on record
    Ebola outbreak: Deadliest on recordMon Jul 28, 2014
    Most border crossings in Liberia are being closed to try to halt the spread of Ebola. Testing centres are to be set up at the few major entry points to the country which will remain op...
  • Second American contracts Ebola in West Africa
    Second American contracts Ebola in West AfricaMon Jul 28, 2014
    Nancy Writebol, who was helping treat Ebola patients in Liberia, is the second American aid work to contract the virus. Last week, Texas physician Kent Brantly tested positive for the...
  • Ebola discoverer: 'This is unprecedented'
    Ebola discoverer: 'This is unprecedented'Wed Jul 02, 2014
    CNN's Christiane Amanpour speaks with Dr. Peter Piot about an "out of control" Ebola epidemic in West Africa.
  • A Cure for Ebola, Rabies, & Other Virus Villains?
    A Cure for Ebola, Rabies, & Other Virus Villains?Sat Mar 23, 2013
    Viruses are among humanity's greatest threats and it seems like they're always one step ahead of us. But this week, biologists say that they've discovered a new weapon we can use again...