Joe Walsh

Former Republican U.S. Respresentative from Illinois

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  • Former Representative Joe Walsh was kicked off his radio show after using a host of slanderous statements and racial slurs while discussing the Washington Redskins name. Walsh claims he was trying to have an 'honest discussion about racist terms,' but his management team thought otherwise and cancelled his show until further notice.
  • Though he never joined the military himself, Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL) disparaged his Democratic opponent’s military service at a town hall on Sunday, saying that she’s not a “true hero.”
  • Joe Walsh was sued by Keith Liscio, a former campaign manager, for back pay of $20,000 that was not given to him during Walsh's 2010 congressional campaign. So, Liscio sued him in 2010. And, they recently came to a settlement of an undisclosed amount that Walsh is ordered to pay. Not all of the paperwork has been processed, though it should be shortly. Liscio and Walsh have not spoken since December of 2009 over this issue.
  • On 07/29/2011 documents were released that showed the Joe Walsh may owe more than $100,000 in child support. Walsh has been running on a platform of concern for children's future and the nations debt and has not even been tending to the legal obligations of his own children. Oddly enough, the Family Research Council still rates him at a %100 on their Pro-Family scale.
  • More than 200 campaign staffers decided to all quit working on Joe Walsh's campaign after becoming completely fed up with Walsh. Between being sued by former campaign manager Keith Liscio for income not paid, several other staffers complaining about bounced checks in the thousands and Walsh lying about his personal financial situation, they all just had enough with him. Another former campaign manager, Rich Cape, wrote and official letter asking Mr. Walsh to stop running for office. Walsh said he had no plans to do so and that he was "restructuring" his campaign staff.

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2002DivorceLaura Walsh and Joe Walsh divorced in 2002
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