The Democratic Hub - Informal Tour & Outline of our Website

We're a brand new grassroots website and liberal political community. We are working hard to build a website that is specifically designed for liberal politics. Our website is dynamic and community driven and so our content is contributed by members which means it can be updated, improved and expanded upon at anytime. Many of our features are still in beta and we plan to continually improve, update and expand the website.

  point Advanced Discussion Forums
Our forums are organized and cross referenced so it is easier to find and discuss anything in politics. So you can narrow things down and talk about All Conservatives, Republican Politicians, Republican Senators or Sarah Palin. In addition, we have forums for different Countries or states such as Texas, forums for common political arguments such as Global Warming is Real & Man Made or forums on specific issues such as the Separation of Church & State.

  point Common Arguments
Are you used to repeating and having the same arguments over and over with conservatives? Fear not as we have an Arguments feature that tracks and organizes all the facts, research, charts, articles, videos and other content that supports the liberal position.

  point Keeping Republicans Honest
Do you get tired of all the negative and bad things Republicans do and say? There is so much stuff it is easy to forget and lose track of it all over time. We think that is a bad thing and so our members have just started to track & organize everything from Repeated Lies to Controversial Quotes and Controversies.

  point Political Issues
Check out our organized & updated page on the most common Political Issues and find the latest content on issues important to you such as news, opinion, quotes, videos, politcal cartoons, member forum posts and a lot more future items planned.

  point Legislation & Laws
While it still needs a lot of work, we have a page on Proposed & Passed Legislation which defends liberal bills from lies and other attacks and also exposes negatives of conservative laws & legislation.

  point And a lot more...
Feel free to browse our Main Page, menus above and look around.