About Democratic Hub

We are a unique website custom designed for U.S. & International News & Politics which combines member contributed content such as discussion forums & blogs with features designed for specific types of stories such as political scandals. We also have built searchable databases of political information such as members of congress, conservative scandals, quotes or list of events such as an Olympic viewing Schedule. In addition, we hope to be a top authority for all major topics of conversation with a progressive view on poltiics, news, sports & entertainment -- An example of this would be our political arguments pages whose goal is to be the top resource for winning a specific progressive argument such as raising the minimum wage.

Discussion Forums
Active & In Depth Discussion Forum. The website is organized into different sections and hierarchies so a post on Michele Bachmann's beliefs on gay rights and their impact on the elections would appear on the forum page for Michele Bachmann as well as House Republicans, All Republicans in Congress, All Democrats & Republicans in Congress, All Republican Politicians and All Conservatives.

Members of Congress
An advanced and sortable list of all Members of Congresss by political party, state, gender, religion, race\ethnicity, age, colleges attended, degress obtained, committees & prior jobs. We also have lists of House & Senate Committees as well as some pretty nifty options such as sorting members of congress by the margin of victory of their last election.

Conservative Lies
We are slowly building a database tracking all the most commonly repeated conservative lies as well as individual instances of each lie spoken.

Conservative Scandals & Controversies
Every wrongdoing by Consevatives is tracked in our database and is sortable and searchable. So you could see a list of Conservative Sex Scandals in 2012 or a short list of all Conservative Corruption.

Defending Liberals from Manufactured "Scandals"
Along with tracking conservative wrongdoings, we also defend liberals against phony outrage and manufactured scandals. We have a database tracking and helping to debunk manufactured scandals and with plenty of sources exposing the phony outrage.

Obama Accomplishments
We also track good things liberals do such as having a comprehensive list of Obama Administration Accomplishments that also are sortable and organized by various criteria.

Special Events & News
We sometimes have pages and features for specific major events such as a smart, sortable live stream viewing schedule for the 2014 Winter Olympics created to make it easier to watch your favorite U.S. athletes without any spoilers of event results.

Other Topics And Features
We have several other features such as pages that track Elections, Legislation, Conservative Quotes, Common Political Arguments and much more.

Blogs Feature
We also have a Blogging feature that allow members to write & comment on articles in addition to forum posts.

We are continuing to grow and expand the website and hope to be a great resource for liberals, independents and moderates to discuss politics as well as find useful opposition research on Conservative People, Groups & Ideas.