Overview of Law

Passed unanimously by both houses of Congress, the law targets waste and inefficiency in defense contract weapons programs potentially saving taxpayers billions of dollars.

Weapons Systems Acquisition Reform Benefits & Positives

DatePositive Result\BenefitRank
05/22/09Annual awards program established to recognize individuals and teams making significant contributions to improving efficiency of defense aquisition programs
05/22/09Funding provided to hire and retain highly skilled specialists to assess the cost, schedule and applicability of proposed Defense Dept weapons systems
05/22/09Oversight and audit required of those major defense programs experiencing cost overruns to determine if the programs are essential and cost-effective
05/22/09Defense contractors prohibited from participating in both the systems engineering and the development /construction phases of the weapon systems
05/22/09Defense oversight council required to seek input from combat commanders in evaluating proposed weapons system capabilities and needs
05/22/09Independent cost assesessment director initiated to ensure that cost estimates for major Defense contracts are fair, reliable, and unbiased
05/22/09Defense Dept ordered to evaluate the technological maturity and product knowledge of critical weapons' technologies before letting defense contracts
05/22/09Dept of Defense systems analysis, engineering and developmental testing processes overhauled to reduce high rates of failure on defense acquisitions