Overview of Law

Enhances a number of veterans' benefits including employment opportunities, care for homeless veterans, expanded insurance limits, military education benefits, benefits to severely injured veterans, and improved financial and legal protection for deployed troops.

Veterans' Benefit Act Benefits & Positives

DatePositive Result\BenefitRank
10/14/10Service members receiving relocation orders protected from early termination fees for certain contracts and residential leases
10/14/10Disabled veterans provided improved independent assisted living services, automobile adaptive equipment and allowances for automobile purchase
10/14/10Insurance policy amounts and terms enhanced for severely disabled veterans
10/14/10On-the-job training opportunities expanded for veterans by reimbursing energy sector employers for training costs.
10/14/10$10 million in job training, counseling, placement services, and child care services for homeless women veterans and homeless veterans with children
10/14/10Veteran work-study programs expanded to include congressional offices, state agencies and institutions of higher learning