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  • Mar 06, 2014 07:17 PM
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    First, for those with no military experience, any "cat call" or such is a "sexual assault" in the military. Not to downplay rape or other physical assaults, those numbers such as 19,000 a year include thousands of incidents not even considered as reportable in the civilian community. Military Officers at all levels take assaults very seriously. Having served as an Article 31 officer (Grand Jury) on a rape case, I spent over a month interviewing witnesses and examining evidence just to make a recommendation to the Courts Martial authority as to whether or not to proceed to trial. The rights of both the accused and victim were given more scutiny than you could ever imagine. It's a really big deal. Now at the other end of the spectrum, do we really need a Federal Judge to determine how to punish a young soldier for saying "Hey baby, give me some of that". Prior to the sixties, the military actually hung rapists, but has become too extreme, so we just put them away for life. I have toured the military prison at Fort Levenworth. Life in that prison is far less fun than at the Federal prison five miles down the road.