.We are CEO's Eden. Steady as she goes,I was to be a Navy Seal
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I am 59 years old unemployed,just over a year now. I'm divorced and in a committed relationship with a woman almost half my age. I leave my former family and find myself in a new one, two daughters from her previous life. All shall be made new. I am excited about the future of our country , hell the future of the world. Come together as one we could move a mountain without lifting a finger. Why not move the entire planet. Why listen to nay sayers ,nothing new under the sun, I listen so that I might retort,stick with me and let us find another .

Political Views

Democracy is perfect, fair for all. Why reinvent the wheel. Our founding fathers were very wise indeed. Capitalism, does not work,. It leads to corruption , it gives special interest groups to much control. Large corporations, the oil industry have enough money to control economies run countries. Pyramid. schemes are allowed to operate at the expense of collapsing our market. Our Achilles Heal is the almighty dollar and will be our down fall if we don't stop the greed and corruption . Large corporations should not be allowed to reward themselves when so many family's are destroyed by their actions. It only takes one hit to cripple middle class family. These families are the core of this nation. Without them how shall we see?