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  • Dec 17, 2013 06:54 AM
    Last: 7yr
    I am not so sure this ACA ( Obamacare) is as great as people might think it is. I have read many news stories about this, both good and bad and from as many sites as I could find. Recently, I was asked to assist a relative in signing up through the state exchange. Being in Kentucky, and knowing we were having "successful" sign-ups, I thought it would be easy. Not quite true. I first tried on the federal government website, but was directed to the KY site, since they have their own exchanges.

    I found the process difficult to muddle through and the options were few ( only 3 insurance carriers for this area) and not as cheap as I thought they would be. Not to mention, the person I was helping is retired, on SS, not yet eligible for Medicare/Medicaid, etc... and has expenses that they do not ask you about on this exchange site. He still has bills to pay like everyone else, such as electric, phone, cable, auto, auto insurance, etc.... and his SS is not that much. The only thing they ask you for expenditures is if you are paying student loans, tuition fees, things like that.

    I was taken aback by this. The week to week and month to month expenditures don't seem to apply with the ACA. How do these people that I hear about that find such cheap insurance ... some only paying a few dollars a month? I don't get this. A 61 y/o man, with health issues, on a limited income with bills, and yet the cheapest plan was still out of reach for him. He would have nothing left over at all after he pays the premium. Not to mention the deductibles. I won't even mention the fines that people have to pay for not signing up, yet I don't blame them for not doing so.

    I was a staunch supporter of the ACA but I am now starting to question the legitimacy of it. Btw....there are questions on this site that I find unnecessary and highly "questionable." On this site, they ask for your race. Why does this matter? Then, they ask if you are Hispanic or were born in a Spanish speaking country. In my opinion, this is a bit intrusive and not as private as one would think. So, what does one do now? Wait until they "improve" it? Keep trying to call and hopefully get the answers you need to questions....or do nothing and accept the fine? The fine, less than 100 dollars is far, far less than the yearly premiums. Too many unanswered questions and not as streamline and easy to get through this site as they lead you to believe it is.

    I will keep trying and won't give up on this just yet. I am just dismayed and disillusioned with this healthcare thing. Damned if you do and damned it you don't. They have us in a catch 22. And I thought that was illegal.

  • Dec 18, 2013 01:43 PM
    Last: 7yr
    The problem I, and many, many others have with HP...is they decided that new users would have to use their "real" names to make comments on their sites. The regular users were to be grandfathered in. However, that was a lie. In order for anyone to remain on HP...you were required to verify who you are by linking your name to a Facebook account, otherwise you cannot comment on anything in there. For one thing, I was already using my real name and had done since I started on there a long time ago. I do not use FB..I hate FB and refuse to have a FB account. Was there fair to me or all the others they lost on that site? Not to mention how their moderators were never on the same page when following the rules.

    I tried to post a link to my petition, but it seems that is next to impossible to do on here. I'll try it again.


    Try that my friend. I hope that is the complete link.
    You'll have to copy and paste the link into your browser. Sorry about that.
    I just did it and it worked. Thanks for your support.

  • Dec 18, 2013 01:17 PM
    Last: 7yr
    Thanks for the chuckle. I am just the type of person that will harp on this for awhile. I don't like when an obvious injustice has been done and especially when a site such as HP is suppose to one of those sites that fight against things like this from happening. I'm not done until someone tells me to shut up about it.

    As for MSNBC...I have tried that live stream...but didn't care for it. I'll still complain to them about it until I get a decent, logical response. Wrote to them again today about the issues I had with them not sending me a confirmation/instructional email. We'll see what happens. I'll start my daily writing them until they get sick of me.

    Btw, looking forward to the debates on here. From one "know-it-all" to another. Ha!
  • Aug 05, 2012 03:11 AM
    Last: 7yr
    I don't understand why so many people have to invoke religion when discussing politics. There is no correlation other than the fact that the GOP use this as a tool to force their own agenda on others. I am agnostic. I get rather tired of people combining the two, religion and politics. I don't care how people worship or what they worship, but please keep your religion out of political beliefs and governmental regulations and legislations. Religion belongs in your own home and churches...synagogues, temples...wherever you worship.

  • Dec 18, 2013 01:43 PM
    Last: 7yr
    Yep, here I am again, with my one man campaign against the policies of the Huffington Post. I know some of you probably think I should let this go, shut up about it and move on, but sorry, I just cannot. Not this time. Too often people stop speaking out and then the only ones who win are big business, big money and the media that is controlled by the former two I just mentioned. We the people have a right to voice our opinions as long as we do not degrade or accuse others unjustly.

    So anyone that reads this, I hope you support my petition to ask Huffington post to change their policies which deny thousands, if not more, from signing up to their site and using their forums and blogs to share information, engage in open debates and speak our opinions.

    You can find my petition at change.org ....however it seems that this site won't allow me to post the link. To search for it, type in the search browser on that site : Huffington Post: Change your policies.

    I appreciate your support. And if you need a direct link to that site, please let me know and I'll happily post my email address on here and forward the link to you.

    Thanks my fellow Dems !

  • Dec 18, 2013 01:17 PM
    Last: 7yr
    Here it is...my rant about the " new and improved" MSNBC website.
    I have to laugh at those redundant words...new and improved. New, yes? Improved? Highly questionable. For I have spent the past week trying, in vain, to sign up on their "N/I" website. They said they sent me a confirmation/completion email and instructed me to click on their link. I am sure most of you have experienced this process from other sites you have joined.

    After waiting and searching and yes, checking my spam box for their email, I still have received nothing. I am a patient person but it seems after the recent Yahoo fiasco that shut down millions of email address without any explanation, and then the Huffington Post bigotry and Hypocrisy that they are spewing, that MSNBC would make some kind of effort to make this process easier. This reminds me of certain political parties that want you to join, yet want you to remain silent and offer you nothing in return.

    I have enjoyed watching many of the programs on MSNBC, but I am starting to disbelieve any of their promotions and ads as to wanting to get people involved, or wanting to hear any opinions from anyone that does not adhere to their agenda for joining.

    I do not use FB...I do not want to use FB and will never use FB. However, they and other sites seem to neglect those of us that choose not to use this anti-social, gossip page they call Facebook.
    I do not use Twitter. I do not want to use Twitter and have no desire to use Twitter. Yet, as posted before, they seem to want only those users with FB and Twitter accounts. Why?

    Believe it or not MSNBC and Huffington Post, there are people out here in the world that want to engage in debate and conversation and yet you choose block them or silence them or make it extremely difficult to do so.

    For those Huffington Post users, I encourage you to delete your accounts and boycott them until they change their position. Unless of course you support them and agree with their practice of silencing those that they do not deem as "worthy" of belonging to their "clique".

    To MSNBC...you say you read your emails. Let's see if you really do and will answer my request and solve the issue I have with signing up on your website.

    I hope no one starts to label me as the Rant man.... :))

    Check out Mother Jones and Daily Kos....they are worthy and deny no one.
    Thanks to this site as well. At least they believe in freedom of speech and expression. Unlike Fox, HP and MSNBC. ( Oops, did I just lump them all together? )
  • Dec 10, 2013 11:19 PM
    Last: 7yr

    Thanks for your welcome. I appreciate it. I used to enjoy being on this site more frequently, but I left in pursuit of other venues. I should have stayed around on here.

    As for HP....I unattached it from my AOL account, so now they make it even more difficult for me to read articles on there. I guess they only want those with FB accounts to sign up and use the HP site. This makes them bigoted and hypocrites in my opinion. For they are purposely alienating those that do not agree with their policies. Much like the GOP does. I won't go as far as to compare them to certain, communistic and other political parties of past history, but they are leaning toward that.

    I plan to continue my quest to speak out against them and hopefully anyone that reads these posts, that are subscribe to HP, will assist me in pulling as many away from that site as possible until they change their policies of obvious censorship and keeping those silent that do not adhere to their overly strict rules. So much for free press and freedom of speech on HP. They do not believe in it.

  • Dec 13, 2013 12:30 PM
    Last: 7yr
    Silly GOP/TP. They will learn nothing from any of these. They just do not get it. It is their policies that are causing them to lose national elections and not they way the way they deliver the message. They have nothing to offer the minority groups, gays, women or anyone else outside of their club. They use religion to base their agenda and they do not believe in the separation of church and state.

    I rarely, if any time, hear any of these candidates come out against any of the state legislations that they continue to pass in Red run states. They would do the same thing nationally if they could get away with it. The only people that would have any rights would be white, republican voting men. They keep a few AA as tokens only. They have the log cabin republicans, which they do nothing for. They do not welcome the Hispanics and certainly want to turn back the hands of time where women's rights are concerned. Yet they continue to adhere to this agenda.

    This is the 21st century. The world is evolving. Yet the GOP/TP is devolving. Until they wake up and realize this, they will be a dying breed.
  • Dec 12, 2013 02:45 PM
    Last: 7yr
    I was once a staunch supporter of the ACA, but after going on their website and checking on the options, I too am questioning if this is a good idea. I am I Kentucky and have only checked on the exchanges in my area. There were only 3 ( THREE ) insurance companies competing and their options are not cheap for someone like me. I am currently unemployed, over 50 and there are no jobs here. I do not get unemployment insurance, I am not eligible for Medicare or Medicaid. I am happy for those people that can afford it and are lucky enough to get healthcare insurance at such cheap rates. I recently saw an article about a woman that found insurance for only $3.18 per month. I do not know all of her details, as they gave little in the article. Even with the subsidies, the price for me would still be over $200 a month. I cannot afford that, obviously.
    They need to re-think this and get more insurance companies on board and offer a better variety to bring the cost down. If they cannot do this, then they should consider the single-payer system. I have paid into Medicare for over 30 years and am not eligible. Is that fair to me? It will be another 15+ years before I am eligible. By then, I am not even sure if I will be eligible for Social Security.

    We have Medicare now...and everyone pays into it. We could turn it into a single payer system. The GOP/TP want to make cuts to the social programs that many rely on. Why not cut government? I agree that our military is important but we already outspend more than the next 29 countries combined. Really? Come on now. What about the 16 National Security departments we have? Do we really need 16? We could easily get rid of the Homeland Security, as it is a waste of money. Not to mention the fiasco of the NSA. Of which, they spend so much money that they refuse to even say how much they do receive. I won't even mention that huge building they have in Utah..or wherever it is, that they use for who knows what....costing us millions, if not billions of dollars a year. That money could easily be spent on a single payer system.

    Like you, the list goes on and on. The never ending war in Afghanistan which costs us millions...the billions of dollars send to arm and support the military and governments of countries of which we are not even sure they are our allies. Time to really start thinking about our people her in our own country. They want to talk about cuts....try cutting the programs I mentioned here first, then we will know they are serious.

    I won't go into the minimum wage issue...as everyone knows, except the wealthy and most of those in congress, that it is the right thing to do. Pay a decent, living wage to increase buying power. But that won't happen as long as our law makers are being paid off by the wealthy and their lobbyists. We are going down hill fast and there is nothing to stop it from happening.
  • Aug 22, 2012 03:24 PM
    Last: 2yr

    I believe the actual war is against Democrats and those who vote Democrat. This is their goal. Hence redistricting as well. They want to find as many ways possible to disable others from voting that do not vote Republican. They may be starting with the minority voters, I am sure they have a list as to whom they will attack next. Look at the recent voter laws they passed in Texas. Unheard of. To think just because a woman takes her husbands name and it no longer matches exactly to their other ID's is absurd. To sign and affidavit that say you are, who you say you are is outrageous. And even then, your vote can be discounted. The GOP/TP are out of control and out of their minds.