STATUSFrozen by Moderator
CITYorlando/winter park, FL

PARTYOther Party


I enjoy life, like travel, good concerts, like to go to church, love cooking,like people that have sense and humor,love boating ,love fox news.love talk radio: hannityh and Levin my fav's

Political Views

truly love my country, and believe in our constitution rights ,for-fathers left us, believe I fairness, don't go for socialism ,keeping debt down, bring jobs back to America, refine all our natural resources,buy less from mid east Europe, need to better our defense weapons, built strong military, believe in impeachment and treason. illegal immigrants need to sign up,not just given ammensty, our for-fathers had to do it,these people are no better.cut back on welfare,too much fraud, they can work,pull sick crap,need investigators to check. could go on forever,but no room