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I am a 66 year old former business owner forced into retirement by the foreclosure of my family's 85 year old furniture business that was partially caused by excessively expensive company sponsored employee group medical insurance and by the unresponsiveness of the USA Government to put import duties on cheap foreign and mostly Chinese furniture imports. The entire USA furniture industry has been destroyed.

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The GOP has definitely proven that they "are not our brothers keeper". They are only the keepers of the rich, not those who are less fortunate and in need. It is an atrocity that the top 2% of the USA population has all the voice and power in the governing of the country, yet foolish and uninformed voters of the other 98% keep re-electing a GOP Congress who does nothing for them. If they really look at what they have been given by the top 2% vs. what they haven't received from the top 2% of the USA population that dominates the voice of the USA Government, they could clearly see that 98% of the population is being cheated and lied to by the top 2% that pay huge money in legal bribery called lobbyists, PAC's and Super PAC's. The 98% of the USA population are like sheep. Those of us who are Christians and follow Jesus of Nazareth may recall that he asked the question, "Are we our brother's keeper". Obviously, the GOP and the Tea Party are not. Sen. Rand Paul has even gone so far as to criticize President Obama for not taking a stand for global Christianity when they know full well that our country was founded in the belief of freedom of religion as stipulated in the 1st Amendment of the Constitution. It is interesting to note that Sen. Ted Cruz, the loudest voice in the so-called GOP Tea Party was born in Canada and his parents born in Cuba. His family was never in the USA during the Revolutionary War. He has no right to associate himself with something called the Tea Party that was related to the USA Revolutionary War. His father may have participated in the Cuban Revolution, but not the American Revolution. With all their lies, the GOP should be abolished along with the Tea Party. May God bless America and force the liars and charlatans like the GOP and Tea Party out! Abolish the GOP and the Tea Party along with it!