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  • Feb 13, 2013 12:58 PM
    Last: 6yr
    over 30 yrs ago, we were almost destroy by child support. we my family, we have 3 kids. my husband was divorced with 1 child.
    my husband rarely got to see her. he had gotten laied off we were in court again.
    the court r
    muled no matter what the first child comes first. regardless if my son had a roof over his head or food.
    wow! so women can go remake a life. while the man cant even write off his child support in taxes.
    she was independently rich. she enjoyed her pot smoking life.
    in the end we were ok. only because finally my husband let her get adopted.
    hence best interest of child. a joke.
  • Apr 05, 2013 07:34 PM
    Last: 7mo
    the only thing that will make a difference is get rid of assault guns, war gun. machine guns!!!!!!!!!!
    that will never happen. money talks
  • Apr 05, 2013 02:49 AM
    Last: 6yr
    wow, how anger the working poor feel. I can say I represent 22year olds to 88year olds.
    Obama has been after this for a long time. a few hours after his latest budget announcement on msnbc a rep. was on. I quote "we can not balance our budget on backs of the old"
    who else has said that to get elected. ?
    that's right he handing them the next election.
    ed Shultz says, it's all many workers have left. how right he is. we were a middle class union tradesmen household.
    we gone in and out of forcloser. we did all we could to get my gifted son through law school. my other 2 children helped. he was the only chance of getting out. we are having our car repo. we lost our retirement, during long lay offs, to keep us alive.
    I heard on cnn once, that middle class people use to use credit cards to stay in middle class. then they used their homes.
    my husband had to travel from Wisconsin to north Dakota, for work, living out of his car for work. he is 57years old.
    my mother lives on ss. she lives in poverty now. on msnbc they just reported hospitals and doctors are turning away cancer patients on Medicare!
    so I guess we will have to die even quicker.
    Obama is the master at keeping the conversation away from the economy. like gun control and immigration.
    well he better get rid of guns because people are going to be using them to feed and shelter there children.
    immigration.... we are looking where we can move to a different country, so we can survive.
    we are already becoming a third world.
    in Obama budget he creating high tech, preschools. what a joke. the kids are to hunger to learn let alone go to them.
    in the jobs report they say labor is slowest in 34 years. HELLO WE BEEN SCREAMING ABOUT THAT FOR YEARS.
    give me one time Obama supported the unions.
    9 bucks a hour minim wage, wow that's still poverty.
    they say the job number in retail are down.
    in a rich suburb at a sports authority. people who were full time were fired. they hire part time workers, they have to sell, cashier, clean dressing rooms, and help customer's. then work 1 hour after close to clean. after 6 years there putting up with this my sister didn't get a raise again. yet she needs this 2nd job. do you believe sports authority needs more money.
    one worker at Wal-Mart said corporations and banks are the enemy. he a vet.
    Washington should all just get out!
    they wouldn't let him take out his 401 without a letter from a lawyer. he can't get his benefits. which has gotten worse under Obama.
    it is also reported he going to give up some social services. maybe he thinks like rep. we can go to our church's. only problem is I thought in America we had freedom of religion. at least that's why my grandma came here.
    for 6/7 years he been promising tax increases at 250. Obama care now being delayed another year?
    look every economist know you have to spend to get us going.
    he not going to do it!
    everyone says there is nothing he can do? really?
    here a few, he can make congress come to work. I don't care if they sit and stare at each other.
    he could come out against harry Reid not changing the filibuster rule.
    he could go on prime time every night to tell the American people why we are starving. the rep. do not care.
    that's just for starters. he won't get anything done on guns. money.
    in Wisconsin protest over walker. many signs said take away my guns but hands off my unions.
    nothing ever will get better until we have fair paying jobs, then all else will come.
    taxes from workers is a way to help our debt!!!!
    Obama as much as it pains me to admit, seems to be, as the saying goes. hope is the worst of all evils for it prolongs the torments of man.
    just once I like to see him come out strong. come out and admit how bad it is.
    he giving up some of his pay. really! do you think he even feels it. when my mom doesn't have enough to pay for her medicine.
    does he know how it feels? does he know how it feels, for her kids not have the ability to help?
    if he does know, what does that say? if he does know, what does that say?
    anyone get prosecuted under Obama. hell! bush killed my sons friends and took our money. so he could get wealthy???????
    hey how about the chick he got now in there to monitor banks. no banks got in trouble. she leaving to work for one of them
    I suggest we are not so stupid. how insulting.
    this is not my world war two father America.