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im a 51 year old mother of a recent graduated lawyer, 22yr old union tradesmen. 23 yr old, trying to go to school. we have lost everything. except our home. our retirement, dignity, insurance, cars, my husband took off to north Dakota to work, after long lay offs. he lived out of a car. he been there 8 months. he has a apt, he 57 years old. without insurance I have permanent damage to my health. we are from a very poor rural area. my son is smart. but now bogged down with loans. he graduated top in his class. we work hard for unions. fair pay for the poor. I'm disgusted with Washington and prs. obama

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I believe in social justice. that republicans destroyed unions. we now have the use to be middle class. the working poor. I believe criminals even politicians should be punished. I want move forward high speed rail, climate change. we are becoming a third world nation. we need jobs with livable wage. protect big 3, spend for now like economist say to build up, thriving for ALL