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  • Oct 10, 2013 01:31 PM
    Last: 8yr
    The problem with the elections working is that now the Repubs are running around, through their repub. governors, tryiny to "rig" the next elections. they now have the support of a corrupt supreme court who have given them a free field to contiue with voter manipulation. I think tha the problem has been increased by the sheer outrageous cost of campaigns. This has allowed the "big money peope" to gain control of our gov't. Our country should be ashamed of the existing poverty and the idea that there are hungry CHILDREN in our "Great Country". Who do we think ran some of our great cities into bankruptcy? Not the poor, the rich corrupt leaders did it. Detroit looks like a third world country!!! SHAME SHAME SHAMED !!!

    WE THE PEOPLE need to take back control or our gov't. It will take will power and it will take money but if we want a gov't FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE like our founders planned !!! Remember power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
    The house keeps talking about financial responsibility, WHo is going to pay for the millions wasted on this gov't shut down? I can guess it will not be the KOCH BROS (who could have feed millions of children, the world wide with the money they spent to control the house), nor the tea party kooks. It will be on the backs of those who can least afford it.
    What will be their response when people start dying from the stress of not knowing if they will have any income in Nov. Back pay does not pay for food, medicine, gas, rent etc. NOW. Your can't give the grocery store or gas sta. or pharmacy an IOU !!! There will be heart attacks, suicides, and increase in domestic violence all on the head of Boehner!!! He should be provided a list of these deaths to put under his pillow. I hope someone keeps track of these things because they will happen.
  • Oct 14, 2013 12:55 PM
    Last: 8yr
    I see a lot of people are begining to put this into words. I have been waiting for several years for the public and the media to acknowledge this "hidden agenda". These RACISTS will do anything including tearing apart the global ecomomy just out of thier BLIND HATRED. We all need to start calling them out on this issue. When you call, write or email these RACIST TRAITORS, let them know we are not fooled by thier games and will not have the typical SHORT MEMORY that we usually have. I have been keeping a list of each repub in the house. I would advise watching them on cspan so you get the info "from the horses mouth". They want us to forget they had this planned for a long time despite statements that they didn't want to shut the gov't down. THey even celebrated the day after and staff could smell the celebration on thier breath. ( Wonder what they would say about other gov't workers who come to work intoxicated!!!
  • Jan 15, 2013 04:03 PM
    Last: 8yr
    The biggest issue for me at this time is that the Republicans, who are supposed to work for US, can tell bold face lies about the debt ceiling. This lies are DANGEROUS and we should be recalling all of those manipulating liars.
  • Oct 09, 2013 11:24 AM
    Last: 7yr
    It sounds like you like me found out that BLIND HATRED is the steam behind the engine running our country into the brick wall. These people don't even try to see the truth and it is obvious they only watch Fox. (so-called fair and balanced). Watched O'riely yell and call a senator who disagreed with him trying to be loud enough to block anyone from hearing wha the Sen was saying.. Funny definition of fair and balanced.
    The sad thing is these Traitors have even corrupted the supreme court getting them to reduce the voting rights act despite all the evidence of voter ubstruction in the last two elections. Beware the R Gov's are causing recall elecitons of dem senators so they can possibly get control of the senate as well as the Congress. Watch the Repub gov's they are dangerous to our democracy.

    We need a way to impeech congressmen.!! and a way to stop raises and reduce their pay and exspense accts. Just saw NJ is having to fill and empty senate seat. Pray it is Dem.

    As for the debt ceiling Repubs are LYING to the people who don't really know how this works that defaulting would be "no big deal". Are they looking for CHina to take over our country. They are the ones who started borrowning from China, selling US businesses by; the ;thousands to China, No wonder they are talking about no minimum wage, THe Congress from Texas thinks people should be glad to work for 2-3 dollars and hour!!! Did it ever occur to the radical rich that if people were paid a "LIVING WAGE" the need for food stamps would decrease.?? BUut see the greed of the CEO, and owners won't allow them to consider this fact. THEY WANT TO KEEP THE POOR POOR, THEY DON'T DESERVE THE "AMERICAN DREAM". pEOPLE like the Koch Bros want the american dream only for themselves. After all hundreds of miillions is still not enough money for them. Do they think they can spend it in HELL?? THe BIble says it is harder for a rich man to enter into heaven than going through the eye of a needle. Wonder who He was talking to.

    Must not forget to say a BIG THANK YOU to those good "rich " people who have generously sent money for Head Start and for the Death benefits of our fallen soldiers. YOu didn't hear the tea party pawns offering to make anything better for anyone but themselves.

    We can not stop watching these traitors even if this crisis is solved because they WILL commit voter fraud in anyway they can so they can take SS, medicare, medicaid and an;y other social svs. if we do not STOP THEM.
  • Oct 09, 2013 12:03 PM
    Last: 8yr
    I couldn't agree with you more. I just left a message on B.'s wash phone calling him the worst kind of TRAITOR The lies are what make my blood pressure soar. We all know they have planned this for months. And I am glad to here someone else talk about the real issue (a pres who is african american) I grew up hearing things which should have made me prejudiced, most especialy a "closet racist" but somehow I decided I did not want any part of that way of looking at people. Do these R's think fuloughed workers can give an IOU to the grocery store, pharmacy, gas sta.??? Yesterday I heard a R. criticize VA workers for worrying about pay checks. How does he think they can put gas in their cars to get to work???
    And like most family members, food for thier families would definately take presidenc in this case.

    Do we have any power anymore or has the likes of Koch Bros and the heritage found finally have total control over our Gov't?? YOu mention I can't help but believe that not only has our Supreme Court been corrupted but that Boehner is hiding from some scandal the "party" has over him. If not then he too is a traitor and is being bribed. Is there anyone in the R who isn't being bribed to do the bidding of the Koch Bros etc. The Koch Bros wrote a letter denying their part in this. Anyone think it is true. TRUTH seems to have taken a vacation from these people and their puppets.

    How is it leagal, constitutional for the Speaker to Prevent half the house from voting on the clean CR?? If it is we the people need to revamp the laws about how our congress behaves. Want to cut costs? cut thier pay, expense accounts and make them clean their own congresional bathrooms. Drunk and work?? any of the thousands of federal workers they are hurting would be fired for that behavior.

    If I had the money and physical ability I would take part in a march on Congress. It may be the only way to make them Liste,
  • Oct 02, 2013 12:33 PM
    Last: 8yr
    The tea party and repubs in the house like to pretend that for over 20yrs the repubs have spent money on their own pet projects and would like to convince us that only this administration has spent money. When this admin started the "big banks" were failing due to greed and mismanagement yet the CEO' got millions as a payment for a job POORLY DONE. THe rest of us if we did a bad job or stole money would be fired and possibly put in jail. I feel the pay checks and expense accounts of the House should be stoped and not repaid when they do what they should and OPEN THE ENTIRE GOV'T. THey are complaining about wasting money but are spending 300million dollars each DAY on this shutdown.
  • Jan 04, 2013 02:03 AM
    Last: 8yr
    I agree with you. I just heard on TV last night that the only people benefiting from any economic recovery are these same (super-rich ) who the congress really work for. If these people paid taxes, paid employees a living wage and stop all the jobs from going to China things might actually improve. People working for minimum wage have to get food stamps or not eat. But of course Romney mentioned food as an entitilment. We citizens need to take away thier entitilments! The working poor are the largest group needing subsistance under the elderly. THe elderly also have to deal with medical bills which can bankrupt them with just one illness.

    Many of us have given up talking to our congressmen etc. because the only ones they listen to is their investment counselors and the wealty who give them all kinds of "gifts" to keep them working only for the 1%. We need to raise our voices NOW and push to lower these congressmen's pay checks before they can do more damage. They don't care if the economy fails because their money is safe in the Camen Islands and tax shelters etc. THey also refuse to deal with common sense gun control because they only care about the NRA money they get.

    Their concern only for themselves is also evident by the removal of the sequester effect on Air Traffic control because it woul INCNVIENCE them directly when the flew home for another vacation!
  • Sep 20, 2013 12:52 PM
    Last: 7yr
    The current congress is the most shameful goup I have ever seen in government. All because they cannot and will not accept that the majority of the citizens voted not once but twice for our President. The have shown a level of disrespect of the offiice of the White House then has ever been seen. I think most of us know the real reason behind their behavior but are afraid to say it. They are closet racists and only work for their own power and wallets the wallets of the 1% who gave them huge amount of money or (entitlements) to do just what they are doing.
    If multi-million dollar companies would pay a "living wage" the need for food stamps would diminish. I truely believe we should cut their pay checks until they are willing to do what is best for EVERYONE !!!.
    The actions of this congress shows the need for US to limit the number of years they can be in office and get control of when they receive the cost of living increases , which they don't need, that they want o cut out for the recipients of Social Security who need that increase to maintain. Each year without a COL Social Security recipients have less food money, since their rent goes up every year and the Copayment for Medicare goes up. Not to mention gas, food, and everything else one needs to live.
  • Mar 21, 2013 03:29 PM
    Last: 8yr
    I am so glad others see what Fox News is really about. I am ashamed to admit they had me fooled five years ago and it was only when I really started to pay attention to what was happening in our gov't and started to look at other stations that I realized my mistake. Bill O'riely claims to be "fair and balanced" which is the furthest from the truth.

    It is sad that some news media has become nothing more than mouthpieces for thier chosen political persons and have stopped just reporting the news ( the whole truth) and letting us judge for ourselves about what is going on. Have you noticed that this year they have found an african american who has been swayed by them in an effort to look as though they are not prejudiced? I hate prejudice but I hate people who pretend to be unprejudice when they really are. !!

    If enough people speak out against this type of reporting maybe we can help others to see the light. I encourage everyone to look at several news reports so that they won't be fooled again.
  • Mar 22, 2013 01:18 PM
    Last: 8yr
    The real reason the govt wants to cut head start at the same time when higher education is becoming unaffordable to most citizens is because if the they can keep the poor poor and under educated the better it is to keep control of gov't in the hands of the SUPER WEALTHY and continue to become richer on the backs of those who do the HARD WORK in this country. They wouldn't know HARD WORK if they triped on it. They live on their own CLOUD IN THE SKY and don't know and don't care about anyone else. They have forgotten that they are supposed to work for THE ENTIRE COUNTRY not just their buddies and their bank accounts.