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  • Feb 18, 2013 07:33 PM
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    I CAN never forget. In 2001 I was married to a Turkish National. He read the papers and websites and called home almost every week. He would tell me frequently about Turkey's 'trouble with the Kurdish people.' Kurds were coming over the border from Iraq when Saddam would run them out. Then Turkey would run them back to Iraq and this kept up repeatedly. When Cheney told us that Iraq definitely had WMD's, I knew that could not be true, because if he did, there would be no more 'Kurdish problem.'
    As we grew closer to war that winter, my mother broke her hip and died on January 26, 2002. I kept hearing that Bush's Administration was pushing us to war, but I kept rationalizing away not calling or writing anyone with my information. "Surely," I thought, "all those people in Washington are so much smarter than me. They MUST know that if Saddam had WMDs he would try them out on the Kurds first." As the months went on, I imagined our intelligence department was performing due diligence, and building consensus and they would learn what I knew. I couldn't possibly be the only person that knew this. Then my husband filed for divorce, and my Dad died. Reeling from all the emotional upheaval, I was flabberghasted when we went to war in early 2003.