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Professor Schafer originated the emergent field of research on the psychological dynamics of the mediasphere with an emphasis on neurolinguistic processes inherent to the dramatic architecture in story-based video games (DBG), and defined the narrative-metaphorical common denominator in psychological mediation. His current research is based on the assumption that a correlation exists between Compensation as defined by the Jungian Amplification Method of dream analysis and Coherence as defined by heart rate variability. The significance of such a correlation is that it allows for the measurement of unconscious psyche. He is developing a theoretical framework in which a genre of Drama Based Video Games may be used as research instruments to access robust data relative to unconscious cognitive states.

Political Views

I'm a populist who realizes that the terms liberal and conservative are essentially meaningless. My life-long activism includes interrnational organizing to establish a global Humanitarian Movement, county deputy director/planner for the War on Poverty, field manager for Greenpeace, and teacher. My research of the past ten years has focussed on neurolinguistic solutions to social issues and ethical uses of the media to transform consciousness. Additional information about my populist perspective can be found through recent presentations & publications: GDC Austin 2008 & 2009; the Game Education Summit 2009; PAX West 2009; invited speaker at the Game Education Summit North America and the Inaugural Game Education Summit Europe; the Asia Festival (Hong Kong 2009) co-sponsored by the Center for Consciousness Research and Hong Kong Polytechnic University where I co-organized a day-long invitational workshop on Meaningful Media that was attended by an international group including scholars, media professionals, and producers. Recent publications include four book chapters: Optimizing Cognitive Coherence, Learning, and Psychological Healing with Drama-based Games; Video Game Play and Consciousness; Articulating the paradigm shift: Serious games for psychological healing of the collective persona; Designing an Ethical structure for Social Influence Marketing; Drama-Based video Games as transformational experience