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60 days ago
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I just can't stop thinking about how Fox "News" would be covering this if a Democrat - ANY DEMOCRAT - said what Donald spewed out of his mouth.
932 days ago
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I have a strong feeling that the filibuster for Supreme Court nominees would be done away with should the Democrats retake the majority and Republicans refuse to play ball. It's a high risk, but an even higher reward if Democrats can get a few new (younger) Justices on the bench.
1021 days ago
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I think you're painting a broad brush stroke on a very complicated subject. Yes, many southern Democrats switched to the Republican Party in the 1960's. And yes, many moderate Republicans crossed parties and joined the Democrats. But anyone who loves to study American history knows that those kind of crossovers have happened throughout the past two centuries.

I think it's also important to remember that the Democratic Party used to be the party of the *white* working man. They really didn't care much about anyone else. The "glory days" of the 1930's, 40's, and 50's Democratic Party really only worked for white people while completely ignoring women and minorities. It was also before the technological revolution that is only going to continue moving forward.

Some Democrats just can't bring themselves to admit that fact. Certain manufacturing jobs are not going to come back. That's just a fact. Certain well paying union jobs are not going to come back. That is also a fact.
1084 days ago
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I also find it very striking how Bernie seems to slam on "undemocratic" way of voting, but is eerily silent on an actual undemocratic way of voting. We definitely need to get rid of the caucuses and while we're at it completely change how the primary system is conducted.

I'm of the belief that we should rotate the states that get to go first every election cycle. We should mix it up and have big and small states vote on the same day so we can get a better understanding of where the country really stands. One thing I really can't wrap my head around is the fact that California has one tenth of the entire American population, but is basically cut out of the nomination process every four years because they go so late in the season. That's something that also needs to change.
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