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  • Oct 22, 2012 03:15 PM
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    We are all saddened by the killings of U. S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three of his colleagues at the U.S. Embassay in Bengazi, Libya.

    The Obama administration requested additional support for American embassies world wide, but Rep. Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney's running mate, voted against just that, along with his Republican-led House of Representatives.

    Here is a paragraph I pulled from National Security Website (link below to whole article):

    Recent events highlight the need to fund embassy security – a budget the same Congressmen leading today’s hearing have cut repeatedly. The minority staff of
    the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform writes, “Since gaining the majority in 2011, House Republicans have voted to reduce embassy security funding by approximately half a billion dollars below the amounts requested by the Obama Administration. Although the Senate has been able to restore a small portion of these funds, the final appropriations enacted by Congress in the previous two Fiscal Years have been far below the amounts requested by the Administration for embassy security, and far below the levels enacted in Fiscal Year 2010, the last year Democrats controlled the House.


    Where did the Obama administration get their story that the killings were provoked by a protest about an anti-Islam video? According to the Wall Street Journal, the CIA provided Susan Rice, U.S. Ambassador to the UN and the Obama administration with that information over a period of several days. How could the CIA be so misguided?