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I am a painter and a retired landscape designer/installer, and before that a college art instructor for over 20 years in the Detroit area. I still am a a passionate gardener and love raising flowers, herbs and vegetables from seed. My husband Jim is also a painter, and we love being with our two kids and grandchildren, traveling, going to our son Steve's rock concerts, cooking, and sharing good times and dinners with friends.

Political Views

My political ideas mesh with Rachel Maddow in her quest for truth and fairness, and I admire her lively in-depth analysis of current issues that may be hidden by more popular news stories. I support research and action on global warming, universal health care, education, and taxation that doesn't hurt the middle class. I am pro-regulation, even government control of certain medicine production so we don't end up with a shortage of vital cancer drugs (as happened a year ago or so) and with shoddy manufacturing of steroid injections that are killing Amerians right now due to fungal contamination. Regulation of the pharmaceutical industry, pesticides, and Wall Street is much needed, and Monsanto and Dow should be exposed and restricted for their monopolies and genetically modified seeds and chemicals that lead to diseases like cancer, obesity and diabetes.