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  • May 25, 2017 08:24 PM
    Last: 52m
    I guess that is what you get if you invite the Trump "mafia" into the W.H. I'm not surprised. But as history has told us that "mafia royalty" in this country always find ways to escape "judgement" and no one blinks. Now the GOP takes over the "House" the Trump family will benefit from it. So at least the media enjoys themselves and will survive. Welcome to la la land!!! I just wonder what 2024 will bring us.
  • Dec 08, 2022 09:26 AM
    Last: 1d

    Yes, finally she can come home; I guess this is the last time she plays basket ball in Russia. It was an prisoner swap, so then Putin can get his bully's back. In the meantime the "dead duck" government here still has no clue on how to fight inflation; and leave the "Fed asshole" in place who is stubborn as hell and does exactly the wrong things, like ruining the housing market and labor market as well the industry who has to lay off people thanks to him.

    When is this country going to learn to put "qualified" people in place, instead of "ego trippers" or like people who have only an big mouth but know nothing or are pushed by Trump, like football players etc.

    I bet that January will be an disaster month, because the GOP will show their real face and stop Biden in his tracks with everything since they run the "House" then.

    In the meantime the Ukraine goes through "hell" in an "cold" winter for them. But who cares? Certainly not the GOP.

    Sorry to be "negative" but time will tell; things will "politically speaking" an total "mess" because the GOP has lost all "common sense" and only want to help fill the pockets of the rich, the "rest" can get the Covid or something else, as long as they can fill their own pockets the easy way. Inflation is "created by themselves because of "greed". Other countries have control over inflation, since you've got an "price control" system in the government in which you have to prove why your product has become more expensive. Here they just do as they like; no control at all on products which are used on an daily basis. No wonder that there are more "beggars" on the streets here, but even more billionaires hoarding their "loot"

  • Dec 07, 2022 09:20 AM
    Last: 2d

    I guess the GOP will boycot everything which they don't like in the House next year. In the meantime their "hero" got charged with "fraud" . However this country is crazy enough to (may be) still "elect" this idiot as was mentioned on TV.

    The coming year will be lots of fun once the Greene and Jordan and others can spew their nonsense freely. Biden will be an dead duck during such period. We had such period before so I think it will look like the same. In the meantime Russia can continue their murderous game with the Ukraine and the US may even stop their support because of the GOP.

    Yes we live in an wonderful world which starts to look like the period just before WWII, if we don't watch out.

    In the meantime Trump will "coach" his followers to "obstruct" anything the Dem's want for the better of the country.

    Regardless of "proven fraud" Trump will likely never see "jail" but pays his "fines" instead (under protest) with "stolen" money from "so called donations" and "election" funds on which he did not pay"taxes" either. Just keep all the crooks in place; Biden does not even blink. What a country, and it thinks it is still number "one" in the world.

  • Dec 04, 2022 03:35 PM
    Last: 4d

    Thanks Arizona; as I've said so many times: Make the Constitution an "living document" which is updated to the times we live in. As other countries do, even Canada does so. There are lots of "anomalies" in this document which needs updating; the same applies to the Amendments. We certainly don't have "militia" anymore. Also the "industry" is certainly not anymore like in 1700. Neither the "legal" system is up to date; like that you can't "steal" secret government documents as ex-President etc.

    Neither in 1700 there were no people who visited the "moon"; at that time it was just an "big piece of cheese" according to the Dutch. I never have seen in Canada nor Europe the daily "legal" mess as here; may be in S.America or in Africa.

    I absolutely don't understand why "grown up people" like Trump don't understand why you need up to date "laws" which should reflect the times you live in. Until now Trump enjoyed the big "holes" in our laws and profited from it; so why "kill it"?

    That is exactly why this country can't get "honest smart leaders" because of all the anomalies in our laws. Only the "lawyers" make fortunes of it.

  • Dec 04, 2022 03:35 PM
    Last: 4d

    Sorry he's nuts. The Constitution is our base law and worked for more than 200 years. However it did got outdated quite a while ago because way too few "Amendments" were made over this long period. "Case laws" are used instead of fixing the anomalies/updates in the "base law". Due to our system of not "updating" the Constitution it has become the "noose" around our neck because it does not represent the present times we live in as well certain things in it are no longer correct for the time we live in. As well certain "corrections" inthis documet and the "amendments are needed. I mentioned before to make and update of this document and make it an "living document" as many other countries do with their "base law" which is then updated on an daily basis. Trump has total "other plans" and want to "abolish" the whole thing and then be able to become an "dictator" and make him rich doing it. His motives are not just an update but to get it "his" way of governing without "checks" and "balances". Thus an absolute "no no" and dangerous.

    It is time to "educate" the idiot about "proper laws" which should be applicable for the whole population so any one in the country can operate without a zillion "partisan lawyers" as well an "partisan" Supreme Court corrupting our law system.

    All this country needs is an "update"; but due to that our lawyers make "fortunes" by not having an up to date "base laws" they will be reluctant to change things for the better.

  • Nov 18, 2022 09:00 AM
    Last: 10d

    Lonely, just to answer your question related to why things in Europe are more "calm" then here, then I can answer as follows:

    1) It used to be more the result of "thousands" of years of "culture as well "wars" which built the present "law" system there. The US is barely 300 years old and "tinkering" with outdated British crap, which does not work in Britain either ; ask Boris and others. The Royalty there shows also what not to do. Down here they copied this malfunctioning "system and adopted this by throwing an"zillion" lawyers into it. You barely can find an "lawyer" in Europe; they are hard to come by. Also don't forget the "size" of our country compared to England; we have 50 States all about the size of England and its population compared to us, and England can't even manage about 4 districts. Therefore managing 50 all different States has to be done differently than England does. What is missing here is the "solid" oversight by the Fed's as well "uniformity".

    2) If you keep the "base law" up to date then you don't have to look back as they do here with the Constitution which is not working as it should in this day and age. Due to all our "inventions" our daily life has so much has changed, which you can't compare to living in 1700. Like they tried here to make "Amendments" which creates even more complications, because also those Amendments become outdated. Also looking at the "few" Amendments made over time, then the "thing" is missing an enormous "update". Case laws are thus the "bandage" to try to keep things up to date, but have the disadvantage that lots of research has to be done to make sure that no "duplicates/errors" are made which are contrary to the Constitution.

    3) It is so much easier to have just "one" document which covers all our laws and is kept up to date at all times. It does not require all the research into the past. You can "delete" the "obsolete things" as well. The Constitution is just like the "dead sea scrolls" outdated and obsolete and does not fit the times we live in. No wonder that it is here an "lawyer chaos paradise" who can "interpret" things as they see fit. Also that is why it takes here so enormous long to even make the proper "case laws" here. The Supreme Court has also become an"bottle neck" to get things done properly because of the "system"

    As an example take the Trump case; actually it should be an easy "black " and "white" case, that he "stole" documents which don't belong to him. But the system here here allows all kinds of "word" plays to keep this going until it "dies" out by itself.

    Which means our laws are just "toys" to play with and make money of it. If our "laws" would be "sound" then we all don't have to run to the "brain specialist", but can have an "chaos" free life without an "Zillion lawyers".

    Make our laws an "living" document which is up to date and can't be "tinkered" with. However our lawyers hate such, because otherwise they can't make hoards of money of the people and rip them off..

  • Nov 18, 2022 09:00 AM
    Last: 10d

    I like to add that "humanity" is an "revolving door" as it has shown through the centuries. Empires come and go, ask the Romans, Greeks as well all the "dictators" and "kings" as well the "religious driven empires". They all failed. Right now we have "empires" who got "nukes" and "allows" the Russian empire as well N.Korea to do as they like.

    Certainly nothing "up there" is going to save our asses, so humanity itself will destroy itself by their own "inventions and "animal" behavior. We are still fighting about an "bone", like dogs do.

    Greed is an huge factor. Ask Musk if he's "happy" and satisfied. The answer is "no"; the rich always want "more and "more", it is in their "gene's. Sorry to say "mankind" is still a bunch of animals who are never "satisfied" or take "life" as it is.

    Especially the "modern" inventions make this "human animal" even more "greedy" and "dangerous" ask the "gun, rocket, bomb" designers. So all of this is an "self" inflicted wound of "humanity" ; this "animal" will never "learn" or "accept" life on this tiny planet, but instead are ruining it. Armageddon is coming closer and closer due to human actions of self destruction.

  • Nov 18, 2022 09:00 AM
    Last: 10d

    Lonely, Thanks at least you dare to write on this site. I fully agree with you; not one "human made governing system" is perfect. The "animal" in us always want to escape an "solid" system, since everyone always will find a way to go beyond the "law" or find loopholes or all kind of ways to "corrupt" things. It has been that since the "stone age"; human's still got lots of animal instinct in them.

    The more "freedom" you give to "people" the more it will be abused. Especially if there is no "discipline" due to "culture" anomalies. Since the US is an "melting pot" of all kinds of "cultures" and "race" and throw in "religion", then it is virtually impossible to get "uniformity" or that "all" the people "march in the same direction.

    In Europe these things were "sorted out" for the common cause for a long time until the "dictatorship" and "greed" popped up due to industrialization and "immigration". Since I did live in the Netherlands in the "periods" of "calm" in the 50's, 60's and 70's then mostly everyone marched in the same direction. But since more and more "immigrants" from other cultures "overflowed" this tiny country things changed drastically and the "parliamentary" system could not cope with that either.

    Look at Scandinavia; it is much more disciplined, but they are also facing the same problems.

    The main issue for all these countries including the US is, if you put everyone and all kind of cultures in the same "basket" then it does not work.

    Also if the education "system" sticks to its "old" ways then "kids" out of other countries have an hard time to adapt. etc. etc.

    So if you take the US as an "melting" pot, then you may not attract people who think "positive" but only think they can "make money" without any proper "education". Schools and "teachers" here are also "mixed cultural wise" so the "system here grows to what we have now.

    So the only solution is try to get "uniformity" in all the things we do; but I think it is too late due to all the anomalies there are.

    Europe right now is getting the same problems as the US; no wonder due to the influx of other "mindsets" from all over the world.

  • Nov 24, 2022 02:29 PM
    Last: 15d

    Yes, All of you, I wish you an "happy" Thanksgiving. And do me an "favor" and write your opinion of what is going on in this country. If you think I've got things wrong, just let me know. I' m just the "person" who looks at this "country" as I experienced it elsewhere in the world due to my "international" work. However I have the feeling that plenty of people here have "colored" glasses on and refuse to accept what is wrong here related to "governing". It is clear to me that certain persons elected for the "job" (related to their "backgrounds) are not suited for the "job". Even the "high-up's" like Trump as well as Biden have "island views" of this country as well the world. Sorry to say Biden has not yet "arrived" in 2022. Lots of people who got into the government are not "qualified" at all; just to name a few: like Jordan, also an football player who's "running", who barely can speak decent English let alone knows the laws and legal language. How about an Greene who totally lost her mind etc. etc. Most of them have no international experience at all or the "education" required for the job. Looking at the total "picture" here, then how can you be "uniform" with 50 unruly States and "lots" of uneducated persons as well outdated laws running the show. No wonder that you have a "zillion "partisan" lawyers here who make things even worse; just to make lots of "money". There should be full oversight of the Federal Government over the States and all the laws should be uniform and up to date. Voting etc. should be "solid, honest" and "uniform" without billions of "money" thrown in (also the "forms" should be easy and uniform); also the same "layout" in all States. The Constitution should be made an "living" document and updated on an daily basis. Just check our "convoluted outdated "gun" laws; how many people lost their "life's" because of it.

    As long as "gerrymandering" etc and "districts" are manipulated; forget an"honest" election. It shows.

    Sorry this country loves "chaos" and "corruption" the "billionaires" here make sure of that. Pump in as much "money" you want and reduce your "taxes" that way and act "beyond the law" because of their "status" is their "motto", because of lots of their "created" holes in our law system.. Uniformity and "honesty" are dirty words here.

    The only solution is : Take the "money" out of "elections and "governing". If Presidents are allowed to "steal" then also the lower "servants" can do the same.

  • May 26, 2021 05:26 PM
    Last: 16d

    Sorry Arizona, I guess that all writing whatsoever, does not help this country anymore. All of this, looking at the WHOLE picture, means that the "system" is "manipulated and "broken". Sorry there is no "coherence" or anything at all to "fix" it.

    I blame the "paperwork" and "corruption" on all fronts for the "chaos" here.

    As I've mentioned so many times before that by not having "up to date " base law" and 50 unruly States with their own created history and an horse and buggy Constitution which is barely "updated" even the "amendments are "outdated", then on top of that have a "zillion" lawyers tinker with "case laws" then no wonder it creates an horrible mess.

    Then we have "elections" which look like an "circus" with all the "money" and "manipulations in it.

    Thus you can't "lift out" certain things which you have an opinion on, but that is only an small part of the total picture, because the whole "system" is screwed up and manipulated because the "base laws" are never up to date, neither is the "oversight" of the "central" government working, because every State has its own ways and "means" (and partisan lawyers) to corrupt the Federal "system". Reading "books" does not help; indeed I understand that your wife got upset if an "book" tells the "truth" about this country. Sorry to say, the "arrogance" in this country and sticking to the "old shoes" and muddle with it won't help this country; so I fear things will not improve if we refuse to adapt "uniform" up to date laws and an "total" control over all the 50 States by the Federal Government. Amen

    Sorry Arizona keep writing, but it does not help this country unless the "leaders" wake up; but it never will until it is too late.