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  • Jan 18, 2019 04:15 PM
    Last: 10hr
    Schmidt Wrote: There is an often expressed expectation in the media that Robert Mueller knows so much more than what is being revealed in the media. That's certainly true, but sifting out the truth from the thousands of lies is a challenge even for Mueller. It may be that the Mueller is struggling to come up with solid enough evidence that will "make the case" and stand the scrutiny of the Grand Jury. That bar is much higher than that of the media who seek to sensationalize any tidbit of knowledge gained in a rush for ratings.
    Yes Schmidt; you've got the picture. That is the reason I think it may be an long time before anything "serious" is tabled. I just about want to bet, that Trump stays until 2020, but gets defeated in the 2020 election (I hope) As I've said so many times the system is "broken" because you can't put an President on an "pedestal" like they do with "Jesus" Trump is just an clump of flesh with only "mob" brains ; thus treat them as such with laws which also do apply to us. But yeah the "religious" driven idiots like Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, Barr, etc see him as an "god" thus normal "human" laws don't apply according to these "church" indoctrinated idiots.
  • Jan 19, 2019 11:39 PM
    Last: 8hr
    Schmidt, the impeachment process is to cumbersome to even contemplate it. Also don't forget it does not make sense if the Senate is still in the hands of the GOP. The "freedom caucus" is the biggest obstacle. As I've written so many times that the "antique system" here is broken, because even an Article 25 can't be used, because again also too complicated. It is time they invent something else, just like in any job, you should be able just to "fire" the guy for not performing. The mistake in this country is that they promote an President as an "god" like figure and as some idiotic lawyers (Barr as well) say: "he's above the law" . As long as there is no law stating that an President has to comply with all the labor laws applicable to any "worker" then the removal of an President becomes less complicated if such law states such. In an real Democracy they don't have "Kings" who rule as they like without consequences.
  • Jan 18, 2019 04:15 PM
    Last: 10hr

    My feeling is that the Mueller team is getting nervous, because all their cases were never real straightforward; neither with Manafort or Cohen; each time unexpected surprises pop up with these guys. Let's be honest; all the lying, cheating makes it extremely difficult to get an end result. Since there is the push to finish this task, Mueller likely will need more "real" stuff and not be caught up in all the "forever" Manafort or Cohen cases. The statement: "Follow the "money" trail should still apply, but he's deviating from it by way too many sidelines; probably created by the culprits themselves to screw up this investigation. All these "types" are masters in making a "chaos" of everything, including the "mob boss leader" himself.

    It must be very frustrating for Mueller and his team.

  • May 11, 2018 01:35 PM
    Last: 14hr
    Schmidt Wrote:

    TJ -- American businessman Bill Browder is indeed on Putin's hit list. I would not be surprised if Paul Manafort is also a possible target if he talks too much. Then there are all the other witnesses who Mueller would like to get to talk but perhaps are intimidated by the Russian mafia who carry out Putin's executions. Putin needs to be seen carrying out a few executions to put fear into others who might cross him.

    And just maybe one of those targets is Michael Cohen's father-in-law who Trump has threatened if Cohen talks too much.

    While I have called Republicans ruthless, the Russian executioners are considerably worse. I wonder why so many Republicans voted to lift sanctions on that Russian company. Have they been threatened?

    Yes, it will not take much to copy the Russians ; if Trump would get the chance to get "rid" of someone he'll ask advise or help from Putin or Kim on how to cover it up.
  • Feb 28, 2018 10:06 AM
    Last: 24hr
    Schmidt Wrote:

    Arizona -- I read the story before, and indeed it is an eye opener.

    Judges 19: A Levite and His Concubine

    Dutch--I have read all about the Bible and it's origins and have had many unwinnable discussions with "believers". I am not a believer...but I also have learned to not be disrespectful to them when I am in their presence. My mother was a big believer.

    Schmidt; I have no respect for people who are elected to our government with only the "bible in their uneducated heads, like Pompeo who certainly has no idea about an other way of thinking in this world.

    Since this "clump" of dirt started, no one ever came from outer space to interfere in anything; even some believers belief seriously that this "flat" planet is only 6000 years old. How can you respect that; I rather respect scientists who have more "proof" than any indoctrinated bible thumper. Sorry but I always "win" from these people by asking the right questions. Try it!

    I'm glad at least that you did not follow in your mothers footsteps; it shows in all your threads that you think much farther than an "human" written book which has some colored history interwoven with a lot of B.S. which was linked to those times when they were scared of their own shadows; everything was ghostly or magic.

  • Jan 18, 2019 04:15 PM
    Last: 10hr
    Schmidt Wrote:
    Dutch Wrote: A very strange move by the Mueller team; I wonder if indeed it was the Mueller team, or someone "planted" this Mueller info on purpose. Weird indeed. Looking at this then why say it is incorrect, but not say what is incorrect, such gives the idea Mueller is on the side of Trump. I often wonder about that; don't forget he's an Republican. May be wants to make an report that "mellows" things; just not enough to impeach etc. I never will trust an Republican in judgement they way they act.

    I don't read into the Mueller pushback anything more than what it suggests. The Buzzfeed article makes some allegations which probably will not be born out in Mueller's investigation...that is they have to stand the scrutiny of the law. Innuendo and circumstantial evidence works fine for the media, including Buzzfeed, to get their ratings, but the standards are much higher in the court of law.

    I think Mueller just wanted to head off all the impeachment talk and "lynchin'" in the world of public opinion when the level of proof falls short. I suppose we'll know in due course when Mueller issues his report or maybe earlier when Cohen testifies before the House Oversight Committee on February 7th.

    In my opinion, you don't do it the way the Mueller team did. They could have gone to "Buzzfeed" and discussed the matter in an "undisclosed" place. They should not have done it publicly. The result is now that Trump feels vindicated and can "blame" someone again. Mueller should be smart enough not to give this "guy" ammunition. In any other country, people like Trump would already be kicked out or in jail by now. So let Mueller show up with the "real" stuff and forget all the "sidelines" and rumors as well work together with reporters as good as possible. If Mueller would have read the Dutch Zembla report way before the election and when he was appointed, than there should have been already jail for the whole family. But yeah here they are so arrogant in this country that they only believe in their own created shit.

    Now Trump is thanking Mueller (even on TV) and calls Mueller an "hero", how stupid can you get.

  • Feb 05, 2018 11:49 AM
    Last: 2d
    Schmidt Wrote:

    Arizona -- Yes there is so much that is not known by the public about the wall, and probably the most ill-informed person is Donald Trump. There have been many studies done on the impracticality of the wall especially in Texas where the Rio Grande river is the natural border . We've seen countless videos of tunnels under the wall some deeper than 70 feet. Just yesterday, 376 migrants used tunnels to cross under the wall into US territory where upon they immediately turned themselves in as asylum seekers. A wall is not a deterrent for asylum seekers.

    In any case most drugs come in through points of entry and most illegal immigrants arrive with visas at airports and overstay their visas. The wall is nothing more than a symbol for Trump to energize his base of ignorant bigots.

    Yes Schmidt, Arizona and you say the right things, but if it does not enter the "cemented concrete brains" of our "leaders" then our "threads" are written for deaf ears.
  • Jan 15, 2018 07:06 PM
    Last: 22hr
    Dockadams Wrote: With all this being said, it's not just Trump who has a problem, as we've seen in Charlottesville, we have a very long way to go in the matter of race relations and equality for all. The hate in America continues to be a problem for us.
    Stupidity is baked in; it already started by eradicating the Indians; just this year we have for the first time an "Indian" representative in the Government . I guess there is no shame.
  • Jan 17, 2019 11:58 AM
    Last: 22hr
    Dockadams Wrote:


    Do we need to like a person to vote for them? Sometimes it helps.

    Talking about dysfunction, we still have a dysfunctional government, it cannot even agree to pay it's own federal workers.

    I seem to recall the "jackass" series which came out some years ago, after some people watched, they went out and tried to do some of the crazy shit they'd just watched.


    "In July 2014, 30-year-old Mark Ramiro and his friend of 15 years, Darnell Mitchell, were on an all-night binge of drugs and alcohol when the duo began daring one another. Mitchell was dared to lick a toilet, which he did. Afterward, he decided to up the ante by taking a bullet to the chest while wearing a bulletproof vest.

    The duo’s intention was to create a Jackass-style video that would bring them fame and fortune. As the camera began to roll, Mitchell instructed Ramiro to shoot him in the chest. But Ramiro’s aim was a little high, and he shot Mitchell once in the upper chest."

    Oddly enough, I have not heard or read of anyone in other countries trying to do stupid shit. Just Americans.

    The stupid shit started already in 1700 and continued ever since; cowboys never had laws; then we invented "lawyers" who multiplied like cockroaches and forgot on purpose to write operating manuals for our leaders related to "governing" Along came the "Constitution" which became an 1800's "Bible" like document as for the Model T Ford, but no modifications other than "mistakes/amendments" were made, which created even more shit and "guns" and never was adapted to 2019 and its present day requirements.

    Lets use coat hangers for abortion attitude. What a country!

  • Feb 05, 2018 11:49 AM
    Last: 2d
    Arizona, excellent threads, sent them to the White House; they need to read them, but don't. That is what you get if uneducated rednecks are allowed to vote, then you get the "mafia NY mob"