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  • May 06, 2023 11:06 AM
    Last: 7mo

    Charles III is now "king" of Britain and what's left of the British colonies. The "show" was as if that country stood still through all the Centuries. But yeah the crowning was, as it was in 1300 with all the costumes and gadgets of those times.

    But yeah for the TV it was of course an great happening. I guess our "king" Trump must have been jealous as hell of all this "crowning" and would like also to have an "real" crown on his head as well all the gold threaded gowns as well lots of "parade's" honoring him. I guess he therefore bought another golf course there. ha ha

    Regardless of all this, Britain is actually as broke as we are, so all this "show" won't help anyone.

    Sorry to be negative, but it is time that Britain as well the USA come to their senses and deal with the world reality around us.

  • Apr 27, 2023 01:21 PM
    Last: 7mo

    De Santis is getting crazier by the day. He wants that people from Chinese heritage can't buy "property" in FL.

    How nuts can you get. I guess he loves digging his own grave. And this "idiot" wants to be President?

    Let's hope that Disney wins their lawsuit against him.

    Again as I've said so many times; our "election system" is corrupt to the bone. It is not about "brains" but solely about "money" and "ego's".

  • May 04, 2023 12:31 PM
    Last: 7mo
    Zelensky visits the Netherlands this week; he was especially invited by the Dutch King as well the Inter National Court in the Hague. Let's hope that this court finally does something against Russia. In the meantime the Russian News media asks people to "kill" Zelensky at his visit. Since the Netherlands is part of the NATO alliance, the Dutch promised of course more "weapons" for the Ukraine. I guess Zelensky is smart to visit the NATO members for support; Russia now blames NATO and the US for the drones who hit the Kremlin. Here it is an "circus" but over there is another "circus". What a world we live in!
  • May 04, 2023 11:40 AM
    Last: 7mo

    Welcome to "la la land". The "political circus" here keeps on going. Of course the GOP clowns do their best to undermine this country. No solution yet about the "debt" ceiling, neither party feels like fixing this. In the meantime the "killing here "just continues as never before ; love those "guns". No one dares to "do" something about it. Whole families and sleep-over kids get killed, but who cares. In the meantime the "stock market gets "killed" as well due to GOP idiots appointed by Trump who keeps raising the interest rates. But yeah certain people are getting very rich and put their money into Ferrari's ; it shows in their stock price and their earnings. May be I should invest in very old paintings done by "van Gogh", ha ha.

    Sorry people the total incompetence of our present "world leaders" causes a lot of this, ask Putin.

    Sorry people I have little "confidence" in an election system which is run by "hoards" of money and "political tricks" as well the continues daily "corruption" even by an Supreme Court which also loves corruption. La la land for sure!!!

  • Apr 29, 2023 12:00 PM
    Last: 7mo

    Indeed on the "news" they already said that Trump is "raising" huge amounts of "money" in the "millions" right now.

    I still wonder about our "laws" here which "allow" all of this. How can an ex- President make lots of "money" from an border wall as an example? and lie and cheat about everything as well is "buddies" with an "murderer" like Putin and then still run for an second term? I guess in this "brainless" country they have no idea how all of this ends. If Trump "wins" an second term then I'm convinced that it will become an "dictatorship" for sure and Russia and China will "dictate" us. The "rich" here will get what they want and barely will pay any taxes. It will become just like Russia itself where only the "oligargs" (the rich) have an say, the rest has to cough up the "dough" which is mostly given to the already "rich". Welcome to Russia II.

  • Feb 14, 2022 01:58 PM
    Last: 7mo

    Thanks Arizona; at least you write. Yes it is only an "dinner" but such does not affect our daily life in this country.

    The "reality" of governing as an bunch of "amateurs" like an "leader" as McCarthy visiting Israel for whatever reason makes this country an total "joke".

    In the meantime the "stock market" shows the "real" status of this country as well an "crook" like Trump can boast how many "millions" he collected for his "campaign". Read my other "threat" about that. Sorry "elections" here are "bought"

    But yeah, things don't look good world wise ask Sudan and the Ukraine.

  • Jan 25, 2023 12:24 PM
    Last: 7mo

    On the news again; the Russians seem to like to destroy "civilian" targets and the UN does nothing. More dead civilians and kids in the Ukraine. But the "guilty monster" Putin does not care. He should already have an tenfold "death penalty" for all of this. The world stands by and gets way too much used to it, to see these destructions every day and becomes kind of boring I guess. Even Biden gets used to it and rather gives speeches than doing something to stop this continuous "murder" and "destruction".

    In the past I remember that the UN did sent an"police force" to calm conflicts, but I guess they are now "sissy's and don't dare. The world has now become "paralized" and is too busy with its own problems. So the Russians can continue their "murders" every day. What a world we live in.

  • Apr 29, 2023 12:00 PM
    Last: 7mo

    Yes people the "fun" games are starting; Biden is already busy raising money and Trump is doing such all the time already.

    I wonder where the "brains" are here; If this is an "game" who raised the most, then you never get "qualified" people, but it has become "buying" your way in. Nuts, I don't understand an country as this, that it sunk that low.

    Only "qualification" and "brains" what should count, not how much "mostly" corrupt money you raised.

    No wonder that we mostly always end up with the "persons" who were "bought" by the"rich" to get it their way.

    Wake up America, how is it possible that an selfish "crook" like Trump "runs"; yes because the "rich" are very happy not to pay much taxes as they did before under him in his previous term, but should do as they do in Europe with an "sliding scale" i.e. the more money you make the more taxes you pay. No, wonder that the deficit is skyrocketing here.

    However due to that, we have a lot of States who still believe in Cinderella, then forget "honesty" and "democracy". The education here is in lots of States is still and remains outdated and only "propaganda" and "miss information" drives it on the media. etc. Thus looking at the "money" then I doubt that Biden can "raise" as much as Trump will.

    In other words "crooks" here always win, history proves such.

  • Jan 25, 2023 12:24 PM
    Last: 7mo

    Right now the Russians are bombing "apartments" all over the Ukraine in the middle of the night, so the casualties increase.

    The western world stands by and does nothing at all, except give them "material". The Russians are "beasts" but the International court does nothing. Right now the Russians have the "reigns" in the UN as well, thanks to the "rotation" system of leadership. So the West does not care it seems. The US is too busy with their own created "shit", so they let the Russians do as they like. So things look very bad right now. It is time for the UN to do more than just "talk" and "do nothing".

    If things go on as now, I fear that the Ukraine will loose with all the consequences for the western world order.

  • Apr 24, 2023 12:13 PM
    Last: 7mo

    How about some others who should be kicked out? Like Greene and Jordan etc. But yeah will FOX change their "tune"? I doubt it. I hope and "pray" that finally an "solid" Democrat stands up and "runs" for President.

    But yeah until now I've not seen an strong Dem's candidate jump in.

    I doubt if Bloomberg will enter the race again, the last time he got the "lid on his nose" like the Dutch say.