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  • Oct 17, 2012 12:31 AM
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    Zach F Wrote: I think she did fairly well. Romney walked all over her early but she seemed to recover. I think she did over step a little when she fact checked the Rose Garden Speech, but Romney seemed to be looking at her for confirmation and it may have just been a gut response. She had to interrupt Romney quite often because he kept going WAY off topic, like off-shore accounts when the topic was immigration reform and many, many more. Maybe not as good as Raddatz but way better than Lehrer.

    In my view, I think that she did an outstanding job. It was apparent that Romney came there with the strong intent on doing what he did in the last debate, to run rampant over the President with total disrespect. It was good to see a moderator who was there to hear the facts, and not allow Romney to continue his lies and bullying and to try to run the debate!