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  • Oct 17, 2012 12:31 AM
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    I think Ms. Crowley did fine. She did the right thing by correcting Romney as he was making an ass of himself and It seemed to me she was helping him out by trying to shut him up. He was continuing on with something that just wasn't true and was looking like a fool, at leat to me, as I saw live feed from the Rose Garden that morning when he was with Hillary Clinton and he said it was an act of terror. I guess Mitt Romney gets his news from his staff and they are getting it from Fox news or Rush Limbaugh. Romney really did not know that the President said it was an act of terror that morning in the Rose Garden. Usually he just lies, but this time, it was authentic, he just didn't know the facts. I'm sorry he's such an idiot, how on God's green earth can people vote for him.