"Give us the wisdom to be an instrument of peace and truth"/St Francis
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I'm a Taoist at heart. It is a beautiful philosophy, not a religion. Favorite poem: My positive version of the prayer of St Francis: "Give us the wisdom to be an instrument of peace and truth. May we radiate devine healing light, with peace, hope, and joy, and above all love. Grant that we may seek, not so much to be consoled, as to console; to be understood as to understand; and to be loved as to love. For it is in giving that we receive; It is in forgiving that we are free; it is in knowing that we are born to eternal life; and it is in perpetual passion that we are blessed with orgasmic bliss. May our lives together be Holy, pure, and eternal, so that we may bring peace, love, and happiness to each other and to all those around us. And may the light of God within us and in all things, illuminate our path with wisdom and truth and may it bless our love." Favorite authors: Wayne Dyer, Dali Lama, Stephen Covey, Grisham. Favorite sayings: "There is no way to Happiness; Happiness is the way." "Love like there is no tomorrow." (sources ?) Best advice I have received: Be independent of the good and bad opinion of others.

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Wars don't bring lasting peace, so fight only when it is your last resort. Be strong but not overbearing. Love and respect all life. Teaching and generosity bring the most happiness. You are happiest when you keep things simple. You are a part of nature, so protect it and it will bring you peace.