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Democracy can work - if greed doesn't rule!


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CITYBuffalo, NY
JOB\SCHOOLM.S. Degree / Finance-Mgt.



Community Activist, a minister, a government manager at the local level - where gov't must work! Raised in a steel town where plant closed. Moved to a farm, with 14 brothers & sister raised our food and worked with the migrants. All 14 kids got college educated to rise to better jobs. Believe everyone should have a chance at American dream. Home owner,active in politics to elect good leadership.

Political Views

Have been on executive committe of both parties! Believe in hard work, education, opening businesses. If you a good at something, execellence is it's own reward. Open a business & get paid, hire others. Belive in economic development, especially in the African American community. All people need opportunity, training, and businesses. I have been with Republicans of Color - ROC to share Capitalism to stimulus economic development like Jack Kemp's Empowerment Zones! Believe the stimulus would have worked, if banks didn't hoard the monies, And Republican governor, & County executives would have spent the monies on jobs & projects rather than sitting on it! But the flood waters of recovery are coming, if will brake the Republican dam. Democracy can work - if greed doesn't rule!