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  • Apr 28, 2019 03:00 PM
    Last: 20hr

    Democrats and the topic of legalization. Recent article discussed the issue.

    I read elsewhere that NY / NJ were considered to be potentially next but troubles have shelved the issue currently. Illinois may be next.


  • Feb 19, 2019 07:31 AM
    Last: 1d

    Lots of candidates is not bad initially. When voters lose focus or direction it's not good. Debates will have not all candidates there unless adjustments are made. Those in the bottom few may not get the desperately needed attention they desire. The reality will cause a few to drop out and as time goes more will realize it's not their time.

    Hopefully the broader general message gets large numbers interested and committed to vote.

  • May 07, 2019 09:03 PM
    Last: 5d
    Import tariffs aren't paid by countries. Passed on and paid by consumers 100% of the time.
  • Jan 31, 2018 03:52 PM
    Last: 8hr

    This was on CNN. 3 production companies to not film in Georgia due to their changes in abortion law.

    Obviously the south doesn't give a damn about Hollywood or liberal production companies. Perhaps if enough dollars are lost ......... Nah...


  • Jan 31, 2018 03:52 PM
    Last: 8hr

    We start by trying to open some conversations. While we may disagree on many things we need to find some common ground. Hopefully we reach out to the huge number of red states.

    Communication is key. A party who wants to win with the Atlantic NE and the pacific coast only is falling very short. Find a message that has some appeal to all 50 states. Try to have discussions to see where progress can be made.

    Build a bridge towards the church. The numbers are huge in their favor. We need to appeal to 25% of them.

    Mr. Obama could be a valuable silent partner. He is masterful at effective communication. He could get us further down the path of reaching all voters by talking but listening too.

  • Apr 09, 2019 04:10 AM
    Last: 10d
    His dirty little details and associates are typically hidden under 5 layers of lawyers. Not about the $'s as much as it is about who and how much he owes.
  • May 07, 2019 09:03 PM
    Last: 5d

    But he's a brilliant business man.

    What makes you think that ?

    Well, he told us he was/is.

    He may have told his first lie.

    Follow the money. Tax evasion is a serious crime. Under valuing properties to pay far less taxes equals stealing. Lock him up.

  • Mar 29, 2019 07:17 PM
    Last: 13d

    James Comey may have elected Trump as well. Seems like he's in a bad place. This was an interesting article.


  • Apr 24, 2019 10:44 AM
    Last: 26d

    Personal enrichment. After his only accomplishment - Insane tax cuts - was done, his work was over.

    It was never about helping Americans at all.

    There will be a huge negative recession and to make it perfection....

    The recession will be Mr. Obama's fault. At least to the 35% base (who vote 100% of the time.

  • Apr 22, 2019 10:39 AM
    Last: 22d
    I'm allergic to Bernie and his yellow jackets. His role is spoiler at best. We have a pathetic field currently.