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  • Nov 20, 2012 06:19 PM
    Last: 9yr
    ^^I think this idea was floated after the preident was reelected. Clearly a radical group's reaction. It is ludicrous, and yes, going from one state to another shouldn't be like moving from one country to another in terms of laws, so on.
  • Nov 23, 2012 01:10 PM
    Last: 8yr
    Assange has to be protected.Some source like his is really needed, when the average person knows only what is fed to hem on the various news broadcast.
    He had a great idea, and he did it well. All the trumped up charges, which appeared out of the blue, are just made to discredit him. He is brave to do what he has done, and his safety and personal freedom should be assured. The United Nations should step in regarding this case.
  • Nov 22, 2012 07:05 PM
    Last: 9yr
    ^^Many wars are slf-serving for poliicans. But the veterans do need to be fully supported and helped. They go through terrible things, emotionally and physically. It is absolutely outrageous that there are bogus charities who take the money from people by appealing to their sense of good will, honour and a desire to help, and then spend it on themselves.
    Things seem too piecemeal, for the veterans. Top military leaders should have an understanding and a hand in ensuring that returning troops get he assistance they need, as well as the government. Otherwise, it is disgraceful.
  • Nov 15, 2012 05:13 PM
    Last: 9yr
    It's best to focus on what's going on now. I see by the way "foreign policy" and the handling of security of embassies and consulates is being used to dry to diminish the president because there Romey, besides his other 'brilliant business " achievements, is totally unsuited. He has a small mind. Any president today has to be able to speak in global terms, and recognize that the world does not consist of one or two superpowers. That is the reality.
    The other reality, which is very large indeed, is that contrary to some television advertising that ran over and over again about how the presidency should be a "management job" are so wrong. For one, managements are out for themselves and their board of directors. Another, management keep passing the "golden balls" of titles, and newer titles, passing the golden ball to each other, while workers' wages have been suppressed, even though the companies asked for, and got, increased productivity. So the business model is not that efficient.
    And a country is not a business. It has an economy, but it has a population that has voted for it and who is their concern, or should be. And foreign affairs, and a bit of looking ahead at the future? US companies in particular are terrible at forward looking and planning, as they think short term profits.
    Oh, another ad run by a Thomas Peterffy, a broker of some kind, spoke about "socialism" in his country where he was born, and how it is a slippery slope, where all ambition, hope, is gone, and there is generalized poverty.
    His misrepresantion in particular bothered me, since I was born in that country. It was a country that was militarily occupied by the USSR which put in place a communis government. Although they had free medical care, there was terror and tyranny, and even food shortages because collective farms, or kolhozs, do not produce as much as lands owned by individuals.
    But another point is that he used a photo showing people standing in line for food. That was after the war. Although as I mentioned there were shortages, there was no soup kitchen after a few years. And, important to note that this country did not want communism, had a revolution against it, and was one of the major factors in the decline of the USSR. (That, and the excessive military overeaching and spending by the USSR, and they forced five and ten year plans for too quick ndustraliazations.
    This Mr. Peterffy had to know, and he chose to prevent it in the wrong context. It is especially galling to see something like that.
  • Sep 20, 2012 07:39 AM
    Last: 7yr
    ^^Comparative religion, the basic tenets, and including the rich subject of older cultures' myths and creation ideations should be thought. For one, it does provide moral guidance, which is sorely needed in our societies, and also facilitates tolerance toward others.
    For those who believe that every holy book is written by God personally, or dicated personally, I suggest that they get familiar with finding about all the ingermingling or various religious ideas, beliefs, practices, starting to thousands of years ago. Some of the sacred texts that were written down probaly were passed down orally initially, as some still are, for example, in the Karmapa sect of Buddhism in Tibet.
    At any rate, ideas get around, and there is cross-fertilization at times. This does not invalidate any religions, because here are always very valuable insights and lessons, many of which, like metaphors and parables, do a better job to getting to the heart of the matter.
    Today's young people, at least many of them, have no religious ideas at all, or spiritual ideas. On the other hand, some of the fundemantlist believers adhere too literally to written texts.
    It does take a wider understanding to see what are the all time applicable principles and guiding morals,and those that were meant in particular for that time.
    The idea of a total lack of religious, spiritual knowledge is scary. And by the way, I consider atheism a religion, too. Not because I criticise them for not believing, but because they are so insistent, so quick, to respond any idea of any religions whatsoever. That is a belief, too, otherwise, they could shrug it off.
    However, the country should not be under the sway of any one religion. Most of our laws come from customs, and those also come from religious beliefs and attitudes, and that should suffice. The main aim of major religions, and many of their lesser or smaller branches, is to directly appeal to each individual, as someone a few posts back had said.
    Some basic principles of religion, myths, spirituality, should be presented in elementary school, and then in high school, and certainly they shoul be available at college level. In fact, I think that for many professions, this kind of course should be mandatory: i.e., medical, law, diplomatic oriented courses, business administration courses, and so on.
  • Nov 21, 2012 08:32 PM
    Last: 9yr
    ^^Re my post above, I forgot to mention Paul Ryan. I always pointed out that it was so clear that he was "posing", trying to create an image of a very knowledgeable, successful man, and in fact, as though he had ambitions like Romneys. Later on, toward the end of the campaign, someone must have told him to change this posing style, and he toned it down. He, too, like many republicans, is working toward a goal that does not include all the American population. Although he is young, and sometimes young people tend to have too strong opinions without an in-depth understanding and awareness, he has ambition aplenty.
  • Nov 21, 2012 08:32 PM
    Last: 9yr
    It is not just Boehner, although he surely isn't a man who is clearly thinking and working toward what's best for the whole country, and not just the "moneygrabbers," because that is what had happened during the economic fiasco. A lot of people made incredible amounts of money, and they were the ones who financed the republicans with so much money.
    Then there is Eric Cantor: he is a piece of work, if I ever saw one. Duplicitious, looking to stir up trouble, false with everything that comes out of his mouth. And believe it or not, the peeparty is feeling very sore, and still applying pressure, I think. I can't believe some of the candidates they had: like Bachman, and Santorum, and well, basically most of them. (What was particularly funny in an idiotic kind f way during the republican primaries was that a few candidates had bales of hay lying around when they went stomping, resting their feet on them! Yes, like they are the ranchers, whoever, as if anyone was taken in by that. Back to the rep primary, it was like an ID lineup at a police station. But Cantor is dangerous, as he is very ambitious, and will do anything, from what I have seen. His affairs should be looked into, IMO. He has malice forethought.
    And a few choice words for Giuliuani, who was stomping around like an enraged, out-of-control troll, suggesting that the President resign because of the Benghazi incident. Let's just look at Bush, and all the mistakes, and downright fibs they made, costing lives, both of American soldiers, and the uncounted thousands of civilian casualties who are merely referred to as "collateral damage."
    I knew that a lot of things would hit the proverbial fan just at the last stages of the campaigns and when voting was in process. It was the plan from the beginning, and that is why Romney and party were so shocked at losing. Well, they well deserve losing, and folks like them should not have their hands on the reins of the country. The republicans have no credibility, and their bombing campaign against President Obama should make Them collateral damage.
  • Nov 01, 2012 02:04 PM
    Last: 9yr
    Ha, ha1 What a buffoon and attention hungry Trump is. He come out with anything, no matter how stupid, just to get attention, and try to stir something up against Obama. He is too transparent. HIs money and his social circle and television show are not enough: he wants more. Well, in a sideshow, my friend.
    And if you had that Five Million to throw around--what an outrageous proposition that was--then give it to those in need after hurrican Sandy! As for the rest, let's have a DNA test on you to prove just how human you are, or whether there is a lack there!
  • Sep 12, 2012 09:00 AM
    Last: 9yr
    There just appears to be no interest, no information as to why this Yousser, the man who made the infamous video and put it on YouTube, would do such a thing, and where would he get his capital from, to hire actors, crew, etc. It's not as though he is in the profession, becausehe seems to be a fraudster dabbling in various things, including identity theft.
    So his interest, clearly, is not about the Prophet or the Muslim faith. And what a convenient time to come up with a video like this on the internet, and have it light fires in a regions already in major turmoil.
    To me, it provided, in the minimum an excuse, a cover, whatever, for the Benghazi attack, and it is made more plausible that there IS a connection between the idiotic video and the attack that there was a pretty serious reaction, attack, in Cairo, and protests in other countries.
    Is this coincidental? I very very much doubt it, since Youseff seemed to have no political ambition, his ambition being making a dishonest living. So it was contrived, and thrown out like bait into the roiling region.
    Indeed, these events, including Benghazi, were because, even if peripherally, to justify an attack, a result of this video. And we know it was not an act of God.
    But we do know that the hurrican WAS an ACT OF GOD.
  • Nov 02, 2012 02:30 PM
    Last: 9yr
    The man will say anything: "just trust me--a bishop of the Mormon Church--who has misrepresented, and/or outright lied about things. I don't understand why the media are bending over backward to give him a pass on the tenets of the Mormon Church and his involvement and role in it, and why it should inform his decisions as a president, and 2) why he is allowed to get away with that ridiculous, laughable, income tax that he can hide. Why, Al Capone was caught and brought to justice because of the Internal Revenue, and this Mitt is allowed to get away with a ten-years' worth of sweeping generalization?
    Outrageous. It would not be acceptable for anyone else. How come it is for Romney? Why is not not an ongoing subject? Is CNN really impartial? It seems to me that even the venerable situation room head Blitzer seems to be rather less than even handed, and in fact, the opposite, in favour of Romney.