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I follow important issues, such as cultural tendencies, political trends, and the overall status and well being of a country as it is within the world. Even in this age of technology and science, a liberal education is important, to learn from history, to know other cultures, to have imagination and to be able to form concepts and ideas. I was born in Europe, and tend to see the world beyond just North America. Saying, and standing up for the truth is all important, and sneaking in Trojan horses is detestable. The family, the wider family, and common humanity and decency receive a lot of lip service, but it is apparent that it is a compensation for the decline of both. Humans, well off, poor, the disenfranchised young men, who are really left behind need to be valued, as well as the full realization of actual female potential, without diminishing the male. On this subject, I do not believe that one woman from any part of the globe understands another one from elsewhere when there are vast disrepencies in their lives, beyond some shared biological experiences.

Political Views

A country consists of all its citizens, at whatever level of the pyramid, or more properly, the step-pyramid, or ziggurat they are. It is not a matter of education, nor is anyone made more special by being an "expert" or by having privileges. No matter how it is viewed, it is clear, as Hillary Clinton's book title says, that "It Takes a Village" but applied to a whole country, it takes all of the country even for highly successful people, businessmen and corporations to get there, even if they come up with some plan or idea on their own.