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  • Sep 13, 2012 04:31 PM
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    It is pointless for me to write an essay to explain why we should do it just boycott the movie and then get back to me! We started this boycott today. My name is Sheldon "Chip"Rice I am a former medically discharged Air Force SP & 919th SOG. I Served 10 years of good and faithful service to God & my country. 

    I was deeply insulted by the antics of Mr. Eastwood whom I held in high esteem. Until I saw him insult my President. I was lucky to have seen Mrs. Obama at Fort Jackson last year in 2011. It was great. I did not get a chance to go to the DNC. But I plan to vote for President Obama again and I hope all military do. He has made us safer then with all respect to former President Clinton (whom I like very much). He did better than former CIA director Bush Sr. and was light years ahead of BABY BUSH (Bush Jr.) in keeping us safe. I welcome any and all comments. Look for more boycott calling on my social media outlets : twitter (bigudubsarge200), You Tube (Mrchips), on Yahoo Voices Mrchips,  on YAHOO ANSWERS 

    Mr. Chip's

    & 4 more years for President Obama & Vice President Biden