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Retired Bailiff/Judicial Assistant for District Court Judge. Born in a small town in north central part of Nebraska. Graduated high school in 1967 and moved to Omaha for business school. Went on job interview after school and started work at Douglas Count Social Services, Legal Office. Went on from there to legal secretary, paralegal, and the last 20 years of a 44 year career in the legal profession as the bailiff/judicial assistant for a Judge. Presbyterian all my life and my faith is the center of my life. I have a daughter 29 who is a paralegal and a grandson age 11. I am the oldest of three siblings, my parents are almost 87 (this yr.) and I have two younger brothers. My dad started a business and he and my mom both worked in that business for 50 years, until they retired and sold it to my middle brother. I life a conservative life, everyone in Nebraska does, even liberals.

Political Views

I am one of those Pesky Social Justice people and I am sick and tired of the hard right views of the Republican party. I am the black sheep in my family. My father is a conservative, my mother is moderate, my middle brother is a tea party person and my youngest brother is retired military and a true capitalist. We are certainly not on the same page. I have been looking out for the underdogs of this world my whole life and I am frightened for the most vulunable among us. I have a pension, social security, and am relatively debt free, grateful for it, and I will be okay but many, many, others will not be. Too me, people should be more than bottom lines. I know we need business but my belief is that we are all in this together and should working together. We are well on our way to another Gilded Age.