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  • Aug 26, 2012 05:20 PM
    Last: 8yr
    I saw it.  I don't know how you can denigrate this author.  He did years of research and the President's own words in many cases, provided validation of what the author was saying.  I don't think he is trying to portray President Obama as a bad person, but merely a person with a philosophy that, depending on your perspective, does not suit  the philosophy that made this country the envy of the world for over 300 years.  

  • Aug 27, 2012 09:19 AM
    Last: 8yr
    That was the longest stretch (from Mitt Romney's joke to the race card)  I have yet to witness.  Everyone looked embarrassed except Chris Matthews, who looked like a rabid dog, complete with spittle.  Why would Matthews want to make himself look like such a fool?  Was he, perhaps, just trying to drum up some ratings for his show?  Really hard to understand why he would want to drum up that fifties racist mind-set, just when this country can site some progress on the racism front.  Does he think that President Obama was elected entirely by black democratic liberals?  Duh!