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  • Jun 24, 2012 12:05 PM
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    ABC aired this mornng on "This Week with George Stephanopolous" a segment wherein someone quoted statistics that only 3.5% of the Hispanics in this country are Cuban and that 63% of the Hispanics are Latinos (from Mexico or some other Latin American nation).

    NBC on "Meet the Press" carried an interview with Marco Rubio, from Florida, wherein he was questioned about his opinions of the Dream Act, which he strongly opposes,  giving some very nebulous responses, among which was that giving the children of illegals a potential pathway to citizenship in the US was inappropriate and that more stringent requirements should be enacted.  Mr. Rubio, even violent convicted felons, serving time in prisons for acts other than capital crimes, get the chance for a parole after a while. 

    Mr. Rubio is of Cuban heritage.   If one listened very carefully to his argument, sidestepping in many aspects as it was,  one would wonder if his reasons for being against the Dream Act is that  it would ultimately allow Latinos a similar status as held by the Cubanos.   Remember, Cubans were given the opportunity to immigrate legally  to the US by merely getting here, Cuba having been declared a politically oppressive nation.    Granted, many of the Cubans who came to this country, the Mariel Boatlift notwithstanding, were educated people, with professions in their own country which they could accommodate to our needs in many professional and/or other higher level employment situations.  .  

    The Latinos who have swum across the Rio Grande or slid in on the California borders are mainly economically lower or lower middle class citizens of their own countries, not as educated, and not having previously held jobs in their own country allowing them to reach any degree of affluence,   yet willing to do the jobs least attractive to others, laboring in our fields, mowing lawns,  laying roof tiles in 95 degree summer weather, and etc.     And all that just to provide for their families.  

    The Dream Act would, hopefully, ultimately give these people the same rights the Cubans were handed on a silver platter nearly two generations ago.    It is time to fix our immigration laws and policies and make the best of what we have, and do it fairly and evenly across the board.   Does Mr. Rubio fear that legal Latinos would eventually outnumber legal Cubanos to the point his political base would  be outnumbered by poorer, laboring class people with possibly dissimilar political leanings?  

    I hope that Latinos in this country who are eligible to vote do not mistake Mr. Rubio for  a friend and vote for Mr. Romney because of Rubio being on the ticket if he is chosen for the Veep spot to attract Hispanics away from President Obama.