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  • May 09, 2022 02:37 PM
    Last: 2yr
    Yes Dutch, 100% on the money!
  • Aug 12, 2021 11:41 AM
    Last: 2yr

    When the TFG was visiting the cemeteries in Normandy for the D Day memorial and refused to visit the WW1 cemetery at Aisne-Marne saying "Why should I go to that cemetery? It’s filled with loser & suckers". Yesterday I saw a van with patriotic veterans license plates on it and a huge sigh on each side that said "Veterans for Trump"

    The dirty little secret the USA refuses to face is that much of the military is composed of suckers & losers who join because they have either been brainwashed into believing the fable of “American Exceptualism " or are unemployable losers. They aren’t even bright enough to realize TFG mocks and laughs at them for their so called "service".

    The US military should concentrate on protecting its own citizens and not enabling the military-industrialists.

  • Jan 10, 2021 05:05 PM
    Last: 3yr
    We payThumbs Down
  • Mar 28, 2019 03:42 PM
    Last: 4yr

    Where is Sleepy Joe hiding out? He is an embarrassment to the Dems and Our society in general. Any fool should be able to beat Trump and who do the a Dems select - the biggest loser they can find!

    I’m no Bernie Bro, although I support his platform. At least we see and hear from Bernie, occasionally, but No Show Joe - nothing!

    No question in my mind that Trumpy is going to walk away with a huge win in November and we are totally screwed for four more years.

  • Mar 18, 2020 01:17 PM
    Last: 4yr

    I think Obama and most responsible people know just how bad both Bernie & Biden would be as president. Other than Tuli I can’t think of a worst choice than Biden, actually but, yes, we will stick with him and hopefully he can beat Trump and choose a qualified VP to run with him so that when he does drop dead or fall asleep in office we can finally have a real, honest and qualified president.

    I ain’t keepin’ my hopes up but if I believed in prayer, I’d be looking to Andrew Cuomo to come out of the woodwork at the last moment and save us all!

  • Feb 26, 2020 01:58 PM
    Last: 4yr
    Dutch Wrote: Forget both of them; neither one has experience on how to fight an "mafia trained" criminal like Trump; they are still running around in diapers. Butigieg never will be accepted by the "evangelicals"; don't forget close to 90% of them voted for Trump and may do such again. During his first term he made sure to please them; so what could go wrong?
    How true!
  • Apr 22, 2019 10:39 AM
    Last: 3yr

    Warren is the only candidate running in either party that would make a high quality president. Bernie is just an old fool ranting on and on about how he is a socialist when study after study show the typical uniformed/misinformed American voter has no idea what a socialist, democratic socialist or even communist is or means other than its bad. Warren goes along with this fantasy for some unknown reason but both she and Bernie are actually nothing more than moderate Dems from 50 years ago. Biden has always been a sleazy old fool who has been owned by the Delaware banks and corporations. But Toby is a moderate republican and it even worthy of being a mayor of a small city, kobacher is basically the same as Buttboy only older and more corrupt and Tuli? Just another spoiler with no real values or worth.

    Go Liz

  • May 30, 2016 10:07 AM
    Last: 4yr

    I have to agree with Dutch. There is no Democrat running that can beat trump, like it or not, other than Bloomberg. I’m no big fan of the wealthy but I can see him swooping in at the last moment and taking the primary and beating trum. He would be as good as anyone running and get support from both sides.

    As much as I love Bernie & Liz’s ideology there is no way either of them can beat trump. Bernie is not presidential material and Liz is another "unlikeable" woman (I support her 100% but I’m also a realist). Butt (whatever) his name is is nothing more than a moderate republican posing as a Democrat who might appeal to a lot of uniformed voters on both sides but he is a horror show in his own right. Tom S. - who is he? Another 1% no one knows much about, trying to buy the election with no results. Tulie - another crackpot military loser DINO, Hillary was correct about her. As I drive around NH, every day, I see more and more of her signs up on the road and I’m sure she will receive many votes from the NH rubes, especially the unenroled NH voters (like I) who can choose to vote in either primary when we get to the polls.

  • Jan 17, 2020 01:07 PM
    Last: 4yr
    The so called Democrats of today are nothing more than recycled moderate Republicans and therein lies the reason we have a crook for a president. Progressives are the only people in this country that can ever save or improve it for everyone else but, unfortunately, ignorance and selfishness is a true American voting tradition and so ingrained (like the gun, abortion, military and religious sectors) that it will always be a slow process with many, many back steps!
  • Jul 07, 2019 09:48 AM
    Last: 4yr
    That's what happens when you drink too much beer from green bottles!Crying