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1085 days ago
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I can agree with much of this but Hillary leans Progresive on social causes but when it comes to business and the economy she is a true neo-liberal. A moderate, conservative old time Republican who, like many others, grew disillusioned with the Republican Party when it became infested with Southern reconstrutionists. Back in the 60's, in response to this, many people switched their party alligence. Liberal, moderate Republicans became Democrats and in return conservative Democrats became Republicans. If you Everett wondered why liberal, moderate Republicans are as scarce as hens teeth, this is the reason. The Democrats have simply become the socially liberal and moderate side of the a Republican Party and today's Progressives represent what's left of the true liberal Democrats before the 60's.

Many (most) Democrats are loath to admit this, as witnessed by so called "dyed in the wool Democrats", that are regular posters on the democratichub but that doesn't change reality.
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