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I am 54 years old, not bad, if one is a tree, pretty old for a human, though. My mother has Alzheimer's and I was her sole care giver the last three years she was able to live without professional care. I had to put her in a (very good) nursing home,Feb of '11. I mention that, not for sympathy( you will discover that while I seem to love big words, spelling is not my strong suit), but to explain some of my far left attitudes. See, without medicaid, she wouldn't have been able to go to Lake Park, the extremely nice and caring home she will live in until she dies.So Paul Ryan isn't my favorite thing right now. I refuse to call him a human being, as he has never demonstrated any traits of human like behavior.I write a blog, no one reads it (I only began 6 weeks ago)and I try to get people to think, and react to what I have been calling "the sale of our country to the highest bidder, when no one even bothered to tell us we were up for sale". And like topics.I think this might be approaching 1000, so I'll quit now.I'm not the most interesting person you will ever meet,but I have some strong views on how this great country of OUR'S should look, and it doesn't look that way.I want to say thank you,from the bottom of what heart I have left,for letting me be a very small part of your site!

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Slightly to the left of the Kennedy's,maybe a little to the left of Nancy Pelosi.Don't get me wrong, no politician gets a free pass, I try in my web site to hold all of them accountable, it just seens that the republicians (hereafter Re-Pubs)are always the bad example( don't blame me, I didn't tell them to sell us to the Koch Brothers, that was their decision)and that is a decision I repeat ALOT on my site.Actually, I had no idea you folks even existed, I was trying to send a message to Paul Krugman, thanking him for his article of 4/10/12 on "The cult of Paul Ryan" an article that i liberally quoted from tonight in an article on said idiot. Trying to get a message to him,led me to you.Giving Dr Krugman credit for research and quoting him and attributing to him all the credit.I just wasn't quite as easy on Ryan as the good dr was.I believe strongly that we are being sold to the likes of Charles and David Koch,for no other purpose that to return to office,people who desperatly need to LEAVE office.This is WRONG!And when Americians are reduced to BEGGING an out of touch government,for bills such as HR2366,we are in deep trouble!I believe(hope I'm wrong,won't be the first time) that the last time this union of our's(not the Koch's union,our union)faced this much danger of coming apart was in 1860, and that cost us 500,000 dead.And it appears that the re-pubs don't have a problem with round two.THAT is scary!If that does not scare you, you might want to check yourself for a pulse.That is a nutshell of my political views.It is so frustrating to only be able to write about this,and I'm not even sure anybody reads it.Or even cares,for that matter.We are in trouble!I am at least GLAD I found your site, and I'm glad I found Dr Krugman's articles. At least I now know,I'm not alone out here.I live in a red state,gets a tad bit lonely,being the ONLY one who thinks most Re-Pubs are lying, theiving,self serving scum.What's really bad,they don't seem to care that we know.And that is scarier than anything Steven King could ever