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Sharon Slayton is an independent business, marketing and career consultant, who brings her wealth of knowledge as a freelance writer and project producer to a broad cross-section of clients. Sharon specializes in designing and facilitating “personal roadmaps” for people, and for business. She creates communications and community marketing campaigns, and designs programs that combine jobs and individual development with employment and economic opportunity. Sharon draws on a unique combination of science and stories to help deliver her client’s message in seminars, workshops, and for community, instructional and motivational engagements. She is a key creative and technical force in the program and event designs used by many of her clients. Sharon has a BA in Psychology from UC Berkeley and a MBA in Technology Management from University of Phoenix. After gaining national recognition in several State Healthcare systems and private healthcare organizations for her work in organizational and technology change management, in 2004 Sharon walked away from a successful technology career to become a writer, and to “change the way the world sees and understands ADD.” A successful survivor of several major life challenges, Sharon describes herself as a “catalyst,” and a “pathological non-profit entrepreneur.” She is a seasoned Life Coach with an earned reputation for using “science, love and ADD” to help people change their lives. Her many literary columns, news and political commentary, industry analysis, and original works on ADD, Jobs, Careers, and Employment can be found in print and online where she’s written regular feature articles for millions of private subscription readers.

Political Views

I typically spend a Sunday morning in my own church - sitting at my computer and writing posts featuring quotes from our Founding Fathers and other historical "people of interest." I have absolutely no problem being the person who jambs the stick in the spinning wheel spokes to get it to stop turning. Sometimes, you just have to fly over those damned handlebars. Unfortunately since we don't seem to learn from our mistakes in a political sense, perhaps being reminded of the lessons already learned will "ennervate" the discussion. Psycholinguistics is my name, and Politics, Change and Lovin Life are my games. Go ahead, just GIVE me something to write about!