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  • Apr 09, 2019 04:10 AM
    Last: 11d

    Since I do not believe America has a Republic anymore but instead a war mongering, war criminal, lawless, corrupt, fraud ridden Oligarchy the odds the Don will ever have to reveal his taxes are a million to one since he has already stacked the Supreme Court with his Stooges that really do believe the President is above the law no matter what he does and no matter how many laws he breaks and of course without the rule of law one ends up with a dictatorship.

    The Dems are wasting their time trying to impeach this creep since there is no way those Robber Baron Stooge Republicans in the U.S. Senate will ever impeach him no matter how many laws he breaks.

    And one can only hope the Dems quit blaming the Russians for their own mistakes and start resolving the serious problems America is now facing.

  • May 09, 2019 04:27 PM
    Last: 11d

    Human history reveals how very, very unpopular truth tellers have been and how they are treated can be vicious, cruel, unjust, deadly, demeaning and degrading and what happened to Socrates, one of the most brilliant individuals who ever lived is a warning to all those who believe truth matters.

    Since human nature has remained unchanged through out the ages todays truth tellers like Assange, Manning, Snowden, Winner, Greenwald, Omar, Cortez, Lee etc have all experienced the usual imprisonment, torture, hate, greed, stupidity and injustice and the need to escape to other countries because of the wrath of a government intent on keeping its multitude of horrendous criminal activities secret.

  • May 09, 2019 04:16 PM
    Last: 12d

    Since the world's politicians obviously don't give a tinker's damn about the greatest threat to the planet's living web and the survival of all living creatures the world's peoples have created a new movement called Extinction Rebellion and this movement is targeting the global fossil fuel corporations, global banks/capitalism and the chemical corporations during their protests, marches and demonstrations all over the world and try to educate the world's people about the fact that humanity now has the technology to slow down this global warming/climate change.

    The world's people are not stupid and realize that the planet's weather has become increasingly destructive, chaotic and deadly because of all the heat that has been accumulating in the atmosphere, oceans and earth itself for 3 centuries.

    Scientists estimate that there is only one decade left to slow down the destructive effects of climate change and after that tipping point is reached the ongoing extinction of life on earth is inevitable.

  • Apr 16, 2019 12:01 PM
    Last: 11d
    George Orwell died before computers and hi tech toys had become available and now the world has an Orwellian World on steroids where the ordinary citizens is getting so many conflicting messages they don't know what to believe and that is bad news for the future of any country who needs to know the truth about what is really going on in the world.
  • Apr 26, 2019 01:41 PM
    Last: 24d

    Cortez and Omar are two young women who were elected in the last election to the U.S. House of Representatives on a Progressive Platform that hopes to promote peace around the world instead of wars that kill and maim millions and turn countries into rubble, resolving the climate change catastrophe with a green new deal, health care for all, repealing the Drug Plan D that steals 10's of billions of dollars from the American people, taxing nonpaying, tax dodging billionaires and corrupt global corporations, creating millions of jobs by rebuilding America, increasing that poverty stricken minimum wage of $7.25 to $15.00, creating a fair and just immigration law and removing the billions in bribe money that has destroyed our Republic.

    Trumps verbal and twitter lying attacks on Omar because she is a Muslim and told the truth about AIPAC reveals what a fascist creep he is because these attacks caused increasing death threats against Omar. Trumps name appears in many mass killers diatribes since his venomous hate filled attacks on minorities gives these mass killers the excuse to slaughter and maim hundred of innocent human beings.

    The rude awakening came when Pelosi and the other establishment democrats in the U.S. Congress also condemned the truthful honest comments of Omar when she said that AIPAC runs that Oligarchy's foreign policies and that is why that government has been committing all these war crimes and they refused to support the truth.

    The total lack of support and indifference to the corporate democratic establishment in the U.S. Congress for Cortez's green new deal also reveals where these establishment corporate democrats loyalties lie and it is not with the American people.

  • Apr 26, 2019 01:21 PM
    Last: 24d

    Truth is revealed in the saying that politics make strange bedfellows. While surfing the TV menu I noticed a really strange listing: FOX NEWS was covering a Bernie Sanders Town Hall. The question is: "Why!?" because the Jewish owner of FOX NEWS believes there is no way that Bernie could beat Trump and giving Bernie a forum for expressing his views on the issues is a great way to be sure Trump wins, of course, FOX NEWS lives in a Fantsyland of lies, deceptions and total unreality and it is totally out of touch with the American people and their problems, unfortunately, so is the corporate Democratic Establishment and there is no doubt it will continue to support more Robber Baron Stooges.

    Another example of political strange bedfellows is AIPAC supporting Trump whose fascist, racist, hate filled views are well known and add Christians to Trump's rabid supporters and things really get weird when these two religions are supporting a war criminal who supports other war criminals and promotes war crimes all over the planet in places like Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan and who also advocates wars against Russia, Iran and Venezuela.

    The U.S. Government has become a blood soaked Oligarchy run by a gang of war criminals, warmongers, death dealers in every kind of weapon and corrupt creeps because the rule of law no longer exists in that government and it is time to abolish that Oligarchy and reestablish a Republic free of wars and instead be a promoter of peace around the world and also free of the corrupting influence of billions in bribe money.

    The American people should establish a new movement called Patriots United for the Return of the Republic: PURR

  • Apr 08, 2019 03:04 PM
    Last: 1mo

    The Sackler family is a tale of what horrific harm Capitalist greed can do.

    For decades the opioid epidemic in America has murdered 10's of thousands of Americans and created many more drug addicts whose lives were ruined.

    Big Pharma who is one of the main owners of that corrupt Oligarchy in Washington DC made sure their stooges in that Oligarchy did nothing to stop this on going mass murder of the American people because the opioids were worth billions to the Sackler Family and the Sackler family knew all along how destructive and addictive their deadly drugs were and this whole family should be tried for mass murder and executed .

    The question is "Why did the doctors keep prescribing this deadly drug?!"

  • Apr 08, 2019 02:55 PM
    Last: 1mo

    The Oligarchy in Washington DC has been committing war crimes around the world for generations and this Oligarchy should have been charged with war crimes beginning with the Vietnam War.

    Finally on March 15, 2019 the International Crimes Court is charging both that Oligarchy in Washington DC with war crimes in Afghanistan and also against Israel for war crimes against the Palestinian people for generations.

    The war criminals ruling that Oligarchy in Washington DC has told the International Crimes Court to go to hell which is not surprising since the rule of law does not exist in that war criminal government.

    By the way, one will not find these above facts on America's Orwellian Corrupt Corporate Mass News Media since the owners of this mass news media are the capitalists/corporatists making billions each year from these war crimes and weapons deals.

  • Mar 28, 2019 03:42 PM
    Last: 2mo

    Anyone familiar with Joe Biden's legislative history would find Biden's run for President is as absurd and ridiculous as Trumps since there is no doubt this guy is just another Robber Baron Stooge for the Banksters, Wall Street, loan shark credit card corporations , he was a rabid supp0rter of that war on drugs that targeted minorities and put millions of citizens in jail for long terms for minor drug offenses and in the process destroying their lives, Biden is also very fond of Big Pharma.

    Biden is also famous for his rotten, unjust treatment of Anita Hill and preventing every effort to help students deeply in debt.

    I predict that the Orwellian World of liars will give both Trump and Biden obsessive coverage while ignoring progressive candidates like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and the question is: Will the American people once again fall for this Orwellian scam.

  • Mar 28, 2019 03:32 PM
    Last: 2mo

    That scene on TV showing Netanyahu kissing Trump was to say the least surprising when one considers the fact that Trump has been notorious for promoting his hate filled speeches against everyone except his rabid white supremacist fascist fans which has resulted in attacks on synagogues and the slaughter of those inside those synagogues in America.

    So why was Natanyahu kissing Trump ? because Trump was giving Netanyahu the Golan Heights which was odd since neither Trump or Netanyahu owns the Golan Heights since the Golan Heights belongs to Syria and one must also remember that Trump also gave Jerusalem to Netanyahu for his capital.

    Netanyahu was in town for the AIPAC convention where Pelosi and Schumer were busy trolling for AIPAC'S blood soaked bribe money which has been used for generations to receive from the American tax payer free of charge 3 billion each year in weaponry from that US Oligarchy which is used to bomb their neighbors into oblivion, steal their lands and enclose them in a concentration hell hole and then use these weapons for target practice at anyone who objects to their on going ceaseless war crimes.

    If America had a conscious it would be deporting every member of AIPAC to Israel where they would be perfectly happy to support their favorite war criminals up front and personal since America has more then her fair share of War Criminals to deal with, unfortunately, America's approach to dealing with War Criminals is to promote them to higher office instead of bringing them to trail and hanging them.