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  • When America's Oligarchy made the declaration that it opposes dictatorships the only word that comes to mind is; hypocrisy.
  • It takes at least 4 or 5 years to develop a successful vaccine so I wondered why it seemed to take only a few months to develop the Covid vaccines and on the TV program; Going Underground on RT on Nov 17th I learned the history of the new NRA vaccine technology.
  • Nov 09 2021
    The North Atlantic Treaty Organization was founded after WW II 75 years ago with the goal of protecting with a military force and modern weaponry the Allies in Europe so that mean boogieman Russia would leave them alone.
  • A decade has gone by and the US Department of Justice is still persecuting and prosecuting Julian Assange for revealing horrific war crimes being committed by that blood soaked war criminal Oligarchy in Washington DC.
  • One can only marvel at how profitable a Pandemic can be.Big Pharma, Amazon and the techie industries have been making tax free billions more since the arrival of the Covid virus began because that greedy corrupt Oligarchy in Washington DC is so fond of these Robber Barons since they have been so generous with their campaign contributions.
  • During the Covid Pandemic the San Diego County Libraries closed so I was unable to continue my blogs and being an incredibly opinionated individual that was a real downer. Now the San Diego County Libraries have opened I intend to continue ranting and raving until I get my Republic back!