STATUSInactive Member
CITYDania Beach, FL
JOB\SCHOOLInventor/UNC Chapel Hill

SOCIAL POLICYStrongly Liberal
FISCAL POLICYStrongly Liberal
FOREIGN POLICYStrongly Liberal



I am an Inventor, Filmmaker, SAG Actor, Political Junkie & Activist. My name is J.D. (Jeffrey Dean) Newsom and I’m currently “Under-Employed”. I have worked as a Sales Representative for Australian Gold Suncare Products for the past 18 years (which is a testament to my loyalty & dependability), but as a father of two, I need to earn more than my current median salary allows AND as an political activist & aspiring filmmaker, I desperately need to do something more meaningful with my life than sales. Last year, I created a documentary video which examined the topic of assassination from a historical perspective, and raised questions about whether or not Hateful rhetoric, (as expressed by many Tea Party candidates), is legitimate… or instead, whether this kind of threatening language might instead be divisive or even detrimental to our election process-- by stirring the flames of RACISM & HOSTILITY. www.youtube.com/user/otherdudeproductionsI have a long list of new product inventions, including H2Ocean (h2ocean.com - sold $10 million worldwide in 2010… unfortunately I sold my ½ in 2002), ResuMAIL.com (JunkMail 4 JobSeekers), Surfer Snax, Blender Buddies, SmoothiE-Z, Ash-Holes, and StashKans. I’m a Journalism Major (Advertising) from UNC at Chapel Hill, and I currently live in S. Florida. I love to travel, and would be willing to uproot my family and relocate (almost anywhere) for the right position. I’m highly motivated—perhaps even a bit manic at times (when I’m working on a project that I truly believe in) because of my passion, dedication, and perfectionism. I enjoyed making this video as much as anything I’ve ever done before, and more than anything else in the world, I’d love to pursue a career in political advertising, political journalism, or working for a political candidate or cause that I believe in. As an environmental activist, vegan, and progressive free thinker, it would be very rewarding for me personally to know that my efforts could help make the world a better place. Thank You for your

Political Views

Like Lawrence Odonnell, I'm proud to consider myself a Socialist and a bleeding heart liberal