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  • May 07, 2016 10:12 AM
    Last: 7yr

    Hi Dutch: Your analysis of the situation is profound and very accurate. I am not as knowledgeable of these things as you, but from what I can see, we almost need a complete re-structuring -- our economics are "geared" to the "super-rich" & it has been set in stone & encased in concrete, & soldered in super-glue. How do we ever "fix" anything, without destruction of the whole thing? And somehow we must replace the "old" system with something compatible with the global system, we must ALL act in ways that are mutually satisfactory, more like a "family" of mankind, all of us working for the good of our one little planet. Looking at all the gluttonous tons of money spent for "defense" or "warfare" (ie: self-destruction) -- we are all rushing into Massive Global SUICIDE.

    And our planet is reacting in the only way it can. It is dying. We have been killing it. We all have been killing it. Plunder, Warfare, Chemical Pesticides, Poisons of all kinds, Air Pollution, Slaughter of all our species of Animals on Earth, and never thinking about the gentle creatures, the little fish & butterflies, the penguins, & turtles, flamingoes & eagles who do not have a chance in this Holocaust. The oceans are turning into coagulated Blood, from the deaths of billions of our gentle creatures who cannot speak for their own defense. What kind of "Monsters" have we become? WE are the ones who do not deserve to Live Here.

    Now that we've killed most living species all over this world, then we even attack the beautiful living organisms who have produced our AIR we BREATHE. Good Grief --- is NOTHING Sacred? / Look at the Sequoias, gigantic Trees whose rings show how ancient they are. Some are older than the first humanoids on this planet. Centuries old. Silently they stand, while buzz-saws cut down the last of their species -- into sawdust. (Or toothpicks & popsicle sticks).

    But NOW the Earth is responding. It has no choice. Centuries of abuse has left it a toxic waste dump of chemicals & sewage. All life on planet Earth is dying. Not even clean air, -- absolutely no clear water, -- what else is left? --The sad Truth, is that there may no longer be any choice left. We now have "global warming" --- you can obviously notice the patterns of more severe weather. Heat is increasing everywhere. More tornadoes, more severe storms. Spontaneous combustion of trees, from a mix of Heat in the wind, added to underground heat from toxic OIL deposits. Some of the heat comes from all the world-wide WARFARE, going on, largely due to George Bush's "bombing" of IRAQ. (All a Fake War done for Bush's desire to steal Iraq's OIL wells in 2003.) Most people who are not "brain-washed" by Fox News, know this. It is a fact, that our nation is fixated on Petroleum for fuel & warfare. (And fun & entertainment for Bush types, who are too scared to wear a uniform into battle. But they go into the Texas Nat'l Guard, where "rich boys" may (or may not) ever see combat, but may (possibly) attend a meeting once a month, which is "scarey" enough. One could actually get injured from falling off a bar stool, (at the Officer's Club), - or get bitten by their dog (Barney) while chasing an armadillo at the Crawford Ranch.

    I wonder what kind of "reward" Bush can expect from God (in Heaven) for bombing an innocent country (IRAQ) just to steal their OIL? (He claimed it was becuz Saddam Hussein had WMD (weapons of mass destruction) --- but we KNOW now that that was just a LIE, & that NO such weapons were ever found, by the UN troops combing that area for WEEKS, - but Bush figured, "Oh well" --- "So what if we blow their nation to bits"? --- (Ain't he a "hoot" as a Commander in Chief)?

    I do not know much about Govt Economics, - but I am purty sure, that a "huge" WAR going on, for 13 YEARS, requiring a deployment of thousands of troops, armaments, airplanes, drones, ships, tanks, canteens, goggles & barf-bags, --- can get a bit EXPENSIVE. (Plus the First-Aid kits, & band-aids do count up). SO if we did a cost-expenditure analysis, I think that George Bush OWES the U.S Govt, at least $80 trillion bucks. (Oh, I forgot all the helicopters, & the pilot's training, & the medical costs of all the wounded warriors, & the loss to their families -- of not having a daddy, or husband, or son. Just so Georgie Bush could play "Cmdr in Chief" of Arabia. (Sorta like playing "Ali Baba & the 40 thieves" in his sand box).

    NOW consider the Profit margin in having a few dozen OIL TANKERS pumping "crude oil" out of IRAQ, within seconds of the bombs "bursting in air" --- while a beautiful Biblical area of the world, near the city of Babylon, & the Garden of Eden, (which is in Iraq) --- was destroyed by Bush's bomb$? How many thousands of gallons pumping $million$ 0f dollars into George Bush's bank account, every minute? AND how much in TAXES, has Georgie ever paid, for all that stolen loot?

    HOW MUCH? Does anyone even know? IF he ever paid HALF the Amount he Owes the American People, we could probably take care of all the Medical Care in the US for at least 50 years. Plus do remember that Bush also got a Salary of $400,000 per year --- equals $3, 200, 000 (for 8 years). Plus $50,000 per year = misc expense acct X 8 yrs = $400,000. + $100,000 travel acct (per year) = $800,000 (per 2 terms). Plus $19,000 a year [entertainment] = $152,000 for 2 terms.

    GRAND TOTAL: George Bush, President of USA - TOTAL SALARY (for 2 terms = 8 yrs). {{ $4,552,000.00 }}

    Do you think we should pay a "war criminal" POTUS all of his salary, when he has committed dozens of war crimes, that caused a World Crisis, that is still killing millions of people 13 years later? Who is getting an "illegal" income from OIL that belongs to IRAQ? After causing an "illegal" WAR against the nation of IRAQ, pretending they had WMD, which not only has devastated their whole country to oblivion, but it has never been repaired yet? Has never paid any TAXES on all of his illegal War Profits? Has kept millions of U.S. Military Veterans waiting in an endless line, Dying, due to no decent health care availability? Frankly, it is too exhausting to write it all down. George Bush is positively the WORST President that this country has ever had. But what can you expect? His daddy, George H.W. Bush (#41) was involved in some Cuban detail with Castro, & Missiles from the Soviet Union. Bush's CIA was involved & it probably resulted in the death of JFK. This was all mingled together with the Birch Society and their plotting to takeover the American Govt, & destroy our Democracy. And the Bush Family Tree was also involved with Grandpa Prescott Bush, who helped finance Nazi Germany during W.W. II. And lest we forget ---- Jeb Bush (in FL) was busy "rigging" TWO Presidential elections for "brother" Georgie a decade ago.

  • Apr 26, 2016 06:47 PM
    Last: 7yr

    I believe in Bernie, he has been such an extraordinary man all his life, & has so much experience in many levels of govt. He is a truth talker, no pretense, level-headed optimist. We would all love to have him as a relative, a neighbor, or a friend.

    Sometimes, things look a little bit difficult. Rejoice! I can feel something in the air -- the kind of feeling that clairvoyants often feel, when a "Miracle" is about to happen. (Against all odds). YOU can make it Happen.

    PLEASE go out & VOTE with all your heart. Vote as if the world depends on it. -- Because it does.

    Please listen to this beautiful inspiration; (one of the most beautiful I have ever seen):

    "If you believe in Miracles " ------

  • Apr 17, 2016 02:39 PM
    Last: 7yr

    Hi Jared: I had no idea you had wanted to work in the Medical Field: You seemed to be a "journalist" type to me. A very dedicated political journalist. Maybe you could tell us some more of your experiences. There are a lot of talented people on this forum, and we seldom know very much about their personal life. It really helps to understand people's viewpoints if we have "the inside story". But I also completely understand why some prefer to remain anonymous.

    I just re-discovered my medical school transcript, buried under the dust. I went there for only one year. I was not too happy having to dissect cadavers 4 hours a week. My room-mate liked to drive around with skeleton parts in her car, (especially when she went to a drive-in burger joint, like Sonic). The guy who delivered the food into our window was a bit "freaked" seeing a skeleton arm reaching out. He might have worried that she was a grave robber, except she was driving her Dad's baby blue MG convertible. - (Like always: Truth is stranger than fiction).

  • Apr 17, 2016 02:39 PM
    Last: 7yr

    I am so glad that many of you responded in a kind way, & shared your experiences. It is very enlightening, & shows us the way our health system has evolved. Once anything becomes a part of the bureaucracy, it loses its humanity. So what is the answer? Would a lawsuit make any difference at all? Or would it only suppress freedom of disclosure.? Would patients get punishment for reporting any abuse? In Schmidt's showing us the State by State Listing of Nursing Homes, I noticed that many seemed to have "no ratings" -- which may be due to this website is brand new & hasn't had time to accumulate a lot of replies. It certainly DOES display a lot of information that is very useful. You can "see" the buildings, & it gives population numbers, and "comparative" ratings on quality of care. It is really a great place to "virtually" explore a few potential places for your relatives. Thank you Schmidt, Once again, you always come through.

    Does anyone think a potential "law suit" would accomplish anything at all? Maybe it would cause enough scandal to shame a few people out of their indifference or cruelty. Maybe we should ask for some "volunteers" who would regularly visit nursing homes & "interview" the patients? (It could even be a "feature" on a short segment on Sunday TV).

    (I had almost forgotten this episode in family history): My 105 year old Grandpa spent his last days at a nursing home, where he was not allowed to eat breakfast, unless he was up & dressed, and in the dining room at 7 AM. (He did not need a wheelchair, so had to walk all the way). It would take a while for him to shower & shave himself, (at his age) so sometimes he was a couple minutes late. -- Well, NO FOOD for YOU. -- (Mr. Walking Miracle).

  • Apr 11, 2016 04:31 PM
    Last: 7yr

    I believe in Bernie, he has been such an extraordinary man all his life, & has experience in so many levels of government. He is a truth talker, no pretense, level-headed optimist. We would all love to have him as a relative, a neighbor, or a friend. So I cannot help it --- I am a confirmed Bernie fan.

    We have 2 of the very best candidates in the world today -- & they are both Democrats. Rejoice! I can feel something in the air -- the kind of feeling that clairvoyants feel, when a "Miracle" is about to happen. (Against all odds).

    So PLEASE go out & VOTE with all your heart & soul. Vote as if the world depends on it. -- Because it does.

    Here is a little inspiration; "If you believe in Miracles " ------

  • Apr 17, 2016 02:39 PM
    Last: 7yr

    Yes, Schmitt: Your experience is much the same as mine, "usually" in all the years prior to this one. I had never seen or heard of maltreatment before --- then suddenly voila -- several cases in just this one year. I consider these to be severe enough to consider a lawsuit --- a violation of the "persons with disabilities act" & "equal accommodations" regulations.

    If I really dug into this subject, some regulation can probably be discovered (I hope) --- to encourage better behavior on the part of our health providers. Just think, that an honest, law-abiding individual can lead a perfect life, they do not drink or smoke, they do not get traffic tickets, they work their way thru college, they do good work at their jobs, & then in their older age, they can be treated like dirt, -- just because they are disabled, or elderly, (& some snippy little office clerk decides to play Gestapo). You can just tell, by the smirk on their face, that they enjoy humiliating or harming an elderly person.

    But the most rotten case, was a 63 year old man (a veteran) in a wheelchair, & on oxygen, was turned away in a snowstorm for being 15 minutes late to his doctor appointment, -- & the real "cause" was from unreliable medical transportation.

    Since when is being late to a doctor appt, a cause for the "death penalty"? Many elderly & handicapped people rely on regular doctor's visits to stay alive. And a doctor's decision, (to deny entry) - can actually KILL a patient.

    It is all another way for the GOP to "get rid of Obama-care" -- which has been their primary objective for 8 years+. They never did approve of it --- like they never liked anything Obama wanted to do thru-out his Presidency. But denying the American people from getting their "voted on & approved" benefits, like Healthcare & Social Security -- is nothing less than TREASON. The GOP violate the Constitution thousands of times per year, & are getting closer to a total "take-over" of the USA government. If the GOP wins any elections this year, we may as well go live in Soviet Russia.

    Remember: the KOCH BROS were raised in the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) when their father, Fred C. Koch lived there, to learn the OIL business from Joseph Stalin (Communist Dictator). Daddy Koch, & at least 2 of his sons, lived in Russia for many years, & learned the oil business. But in exchange, Daddy KOCH had to promise to use all his immense profits from oil, to bring down the government of the great United States. By internal sabotage on many fronts ---including infiltration of the GOP Party, and endless "propaganda" being spewed from many radio stations, & TV channels, like Rush Limberger, & Fox News, -- and this next one is really clever.

    They began the John Birch Society (in 1958, with leader Robert Welch, to brain-wash millions of ordinary patriotic Americans, & get them to actually work on "destroying democracy" in their "secret society" which spread millions of propaganda leaflets & brochures each month. They had a National Council made up of American corporate leaders, & most were members of the NAM (National Association of Manufacturers). Very early on, corporate America was busily engaged in the "brain-washing of America" -- by regular meetings, recruiting new members, & pushing propaganda steadily, by any means possible. Claire Conner, was a daughter of a Birch leader, on the National Council, when she was 16 years old. She became a member, & attended most meetings in her own home. Often these meetings were for "recruiting" new members, & fund-raising, -- But GET THIS. -- At that time, one very steady member was her local Catholic Priest.

    Claire Conner, has written a very detailed book, telling of her life as a Birch daughter, how it all worked, types of duties that members had to do, (like write their Congressman often) & the problems one had if their father was a Bircher, who became a bit dictatorial. Her life from teenhood, to her motherhood of several children, & later a teacher & a speaker, to tell us all about the Birch Society. (And the newest revival of the JBS, called the Tea Party). An extremely revealing book.

    "WRAPPED IN THE FLAG" -- a History of America's Radical Right -- by Claire Conner -- (2013) --

    Imagine the John Birch Society "propaganda" message being spread through the Catholic pulpits all thru-out America. It is like GOD told you to join the Birch Society. Their religious ideas would merge with Birch ideas, & soon the JBS would control the whole church's "political choices" - & the John Birch Society is "definitely" radical-right Republican.

    Very early on, the John Birch Society got involved with many "Christian Crusades", like Billy James Hargis, in the South, & began to merge Birch ideas with the southern Evangelical types. Gradually these different religious groups grew bigger and had a lot of influence over their assorted congregations. They also spread "Birch" ideas, along with the sermons, & it all amounted to massive brain-washing, of thousands or millions of people, to believe Republican GOP political ideas. It did not apparently occur to them that much of the Birch ideology was down-right ANTI-CHRISTIAN.

    For instance, the GOP seems to have a big Love Affair with BIG OIL, & wages endless Wars to acquire more oil wells all over the world. They never stop, searching for OIL and more $$$. On the other hand, Jesus Christ was known as the "Prince of Peace". He is very anti-War, and hates war, & the endless slaughter which comes from Greed. (So, Christ & Big Oil are natural opposites.)

    And then there are other churches, like the Evangelical movement, which teach Greed 24/7 and tell you to "pray for money" with every breath. Huge mega-churches are built, with the pouring out of the spirit, which comes from people seeking more wealth. Not recalling that Jesus said, "The love of Money is the Root of all Evil." "And it is easier for a camel to pass thru the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to get into heaven." Therefore, the real Christ would not be always speaking about money, or seeking more wealth. Jesus lived a simple life, having only a few robes & a pair of sandals. They went fishing to get their food. It was a very primitive lifestyle --- no golden palaces, no jewels, no crown.

    To pervert the words of Jesus Christ, to build a huge enormous temple to GREED, this is in itself blasphemy. But all of the fabulous golden temples that the GOP have built, surrounded with Porsche's & BMW's, & Mercedes Benzes, are just a waste of money, when they could have been building houses for the homeless, & city parks for the forgotten youth. And even a few "good" schools, to develop the minds & hearts of our upcoming generations. But if the youth really got a "good" kind of education, they would soon "get smart" enough, to realize the "fake Falwell" kinds of churches are nothing but baloney. And so many lives are wasted following a greedy church, that only enriches the millionaire "false prophet" at the pulpit. Most of the "real" churches have the "Dove of PEACE" in a prominent place. The Dove of Peace,-- of Purity-- & TRUTH.

    NOTE: The mention of Claire's book "Wrapped in the Flag" does not mean that I have written any part of it, and it also does not mean that she has read or endorsed any of my personal writings on this Hub. I just think it is particularly special to be able to hear about the Birch Society, right from an actual member since the 1960's, & her father was a leader, on the JBS National Council. If anyone knows what the Birch Society is all about, --- she does. (God Bless You, Claire).

  • Apr 17, 2016 02:39 PM
    Last: 7yr

    It recently came to my attention that senior citizens and handicapped people are often treated with disrespect and even some hostility. Even in a medical facility, instead of the normal "courtesy" one would expect for one's elderly grandpa or beloved mother, -- some of the staff people, receptionists, or even some nurses treat them with hostility & rudeness.

    The first time I saw it, I was shocked and appalled. But I considered maybe it was a fluke. But after the 2nd & 3rd time, it became apparent that it goes on all the time. In some facilities that appear to be modern, up to date, & state of the art, the workers appear to have no idea how to respect or be courteous to their patients. Just in the last couple of months or so, I have witnessed or heard about patients being treated very rudely, their questions being ignored, they being denied their services, even after traveling very long distances, (& paying high expenses for a cab). One elderly lady was told she could not have her appt, because she was ten minutes late (from getting lost in an unfamiliar location) --- and an obese 63 year old handicapped man in a wheelchair, dependent on his oxygen pump just to breathe, was kicked out without any help, due to being 15 minutes late, because of his unreliable medical transportation. I find this punishment to be draconian (very harsh and cruel) considering the circumstances. Our senior citizens deserve much better treatment than this.

    In one nursing home, a 95 year old lady could not walk to the bathroom by herself, so needed a nurse to assist her. For this service, she had to pay $7,000 per month more, than if she stayed at her very nice $500 (per month) apartment. And even with this extra payment, they still never managed to get her favorite TV channel to come in. (How odd). Strangely enough, they never had any problem getting "Fox News" to come in. (wink wink). While they were downstairs polishing all the little statues in their glass cabinets --- little statues of Dick Nixon, Ronald Reagan, & a few Bush relatives. It appears that the bad treatment occurs mostly to Democrats, in a facility owned & operated by Republicans. Hmmm This sounds like typical ways the right-wing operates. (Think Nazi). Never Forget --- that the Koch Brothers are right now buying colleges (in the USA) and stocking them with "right-wing" GOP professors, that brain-wash the students to an "alternate reality" of History and Economics. After 55 years of brain-washing on our radio and TV, you can see how many people are brain-washed to think that Obama is a Muslim voo-doo expert, not born in Hawaii, (or else they are too dumb to know Hawaii is our 50th state, & the 50th star on our Flag). They have old men brain-washed to put "tarps" on their head, & carry rifles into our national forests & set fires & behave like retarded lunatics. The whole GOP is systematically brain-washed to believe in a form of GUN rights that the Founding Fathers NEVER SAID. (Go back & READ the "2nd Amendment" -- Yes, actually READ IT.

    ---- It says "to establish a "well-regulated MILITIA" (are the very first words) -- it does NOT say, for lunatics to carry guns at all times, anywhere, without limits. It says that they must be "organized" & "well-trained" to be a regulated Militia.

    But now think what happens when an innocent old lady goes to a doctor, or has to go to a nursing home. All people are created "equal" --- aren't we? So why does a Democrat woman receive snotty treatment from any (GOP) "nurses" -- (one can only guess). Think about your loved one, being kicked out in the snow, due to being 10 minutes late, for her medical appt, due to icey streets, & piled up drifts in the parking area. This is against all previous "rules" for medical personnel's behavior. They are supposed to be "sympathetic professional caregivers" --- NOT robotic dictators. If they don't like being nice to their handicapped or elderly patients, -- FINE. They can always go to work at a robotic CAR WASH.

  • Sep 13, 2015 11:43 AM
    Last: 7yr

    ha ha ha --- My husband loved what you guys wrote. He never goes near a church, except for a wedding or funeral. He once was raised as a Catholic (enough said) ---- & that makes him 4 out of 4, in this generation's "husband" category. A whole big gaggle of "lapsed" Catholics. But I have to give my spouse some credit -- he cheerfully went out & bought me a really great Bible a year ago. Enlarged print, silver-edged pages, many indexes, words of Christ printed in "red" --- the whole enchilada.

    We both are a bit excited to find out something new, that the priests never told us as children. Like the Garden of Eden is in Iraq, (formerly known as Babylon), & that the Euphrates River runs right through it. So when Georgie Bush bombed the hell out of Iraq, he was actually bombing the Garden of Eden. (The Garden was where mankind began, & after Georgie's bombs, it may well be the cause of mankind's Ending). That Iraq War may very well lead us into the Armageddon (End of the World).

    I was going to list many of the sources, but it is getting late, so will try to get back to this later : ) Some of it is in Genesis, the first book of the Bible -- very appropriate, don't you agree? The beginning is in the first book?

  • Sep 13, 2015 11:43 AM
    Last: 7yr

    Hi guys: I found this whole segment very amusing, I never realized how you could make the Bible a satire & still be sensible. Maybe kids could read your statements in Sunday School, & argue it back & forth, to study if the Bible is logical or not. It would let everyone have a chance to explore religious literature from another perspective, (not MY WAY or the HIGHWAY). It does not destroy anyone's faith, but examines how much of the Bible may have been "allegory" or simplified to the most basic explanation. After all, how many PhD's were wandering around in the desert, between 100 B.C. & 95 A.D? It could be that they wrote things to appeal to a semi-literate population, simple sheep-herders, carpenters, weavers, wheat farmers, & chariot makers, or scribes & laundry persons. So most stories in the scriptures had to be "simplified" for common folk.

    Heck, they did not know any science, like what makes the sun rise? Or what makes it rain or snow? So the Bible had to be in a simplified form, with a miraculous explanation, & no real knowledge of "cause & effect". Just shortly after the cave man.

  • Mar 12, 2016 01:56 PM
    Last: 7yr
    The main problem with our foreign policy (to date for the 21st century) is that people can wage war (anywhere) & with no real sacrifice on their own part, but just sitting on the sidelines cheering or booing the efforts of others. They have to have skin in the game -- or a dog in the fight -- in order to be a REAL War. What if they had to send their first-born son over to the battlefield? Or bet 50% of their estate on the outcome of a single day's skirmishes in the Middle Eastern sand dunes? How do you measure success? If somebody lets the "enemy" run off with $billions of dollars worth of military equipment, "made in the USA" --- then they should be "docked" 2 full year's pay (at least). This IS NOT A GAME. How do you run a war if none of the co-operating soldiers can speak our language? -- What do they use? -- Pig Latin? -- Inquiring Minds Want to Know.