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  • Nov 18, 2011 09:08 AM
    Last: 8yr
    We are spending money on education, health and feeding people who are not paying taxes. We are just burning, throwing away or giving money to anyone who wants it and doesn't work for it.

    If there was an employment center on the border. Then anyone who wants to come to our country would need to be hired by an American who wants to put them to work, pay taxes, be registered and be legal. Then when the season or other cercumstances that would prevent them from working and have in the recent past have payed taxes would be elegable for relief. Anyone who is not registered to work would be ILLEGAL or a tourist and not eligible to work, pay taxes or recieve any benifites.

    Or make Mexico part of the United States of America and then there would be no illegals to worry about.
    And have one language. Sorry if this is too simple.