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  • Donald Trump, slum lordThe publication titled “The Nation” just published a book report on a book titled, “Evicted”, written by a sociologist named Matthew Desmond, a graduate student in Milwaukee who spent 15 months living among Milwaukee’s poorest citizens.



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I spent more than 25 years in the property-casualty insurance business, then sold products for MetLIfe for 4 years. I subsequently moved to China to teach English for a year. When I returned to the Chicago area, I sold cars for 6.5 years before retiring in July of 2011. We moved to Flagstaff in September, and I started selling cars again at the end of November. I have since retired from that job, and moved to Tucson in July 0f 2015. I now work as a substitute teacher for the local school district.

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The most accurate description of my views would be that I'm independent,since I've moved from conservative to liberal to conservative to liberal as I've gotten older. Since the writings of "today's liberals" make a lot more sense to me than what the conservatives are saying, I would now describe myself as liberal. I often express my opinions on my website,