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  • Jul 03, 2012 08:08 AM
    Last: 10yr
    Hi Fenway:   Thanks for your input. I like a lot of your comments and suggestions. Good work. Makes me think that Democrats and Republicans could begin to co-operate together, like in earlier times.  Maybe. How are you going to vote this year?  Have you got a real strong preference yet? 
  • Jul 03, 2012 08:08 AM
    Last: 10yr
    Maybe now in the 21st century, it is time to consider a Triumvirate (like in Rome) ---- the job of President is too complex and multi-faceted to entrust to just one man. (or woman). We have 3 candidates mentioned (above) who are well educated, experienced, knowledgeable, & mature enough to handle the delicate balance of power.

    The triumvirate of Rome meant they had THREE leaders instead of just one. They all shared extreme power, but they had to communicate, coordinate, and compromise to get things done. 

    I think it would work even better in the Modern age, where they could carry instant communicators, to keep in touch with each other many times per day, no matter what continent they may be landing upon. Of course they would still have a staff to do the routine office work, & set up appointments or schedules. Arrange fundraisers or speeches, & social events.

    It would be like Obama would be the #1 President in Chief, who had to make the tough decisions, address Congress, run the military, & give speeches to the people. Hillary could be the #2 President who can make treaties, travel all over the world, advise on speeches for the President, do some public relations, & write some campaign material, Rachel (#3) could investigate election fraud against Obama, & help him pinpoint his message better to the public. Organize White House tours, put his kids on TV as publicity for the family aspect of the Presidency, bring in experts on all political matters for a roundtable discussion quite regularly. It could be a question/answer format, for everyone (the Public) to participate thru phone/internet/Skype.  But it would all be televised on at least one channel like MSNBC.

    I do not know all the details, but this is just an impromptu outline of what it could be like. Someone would be an active laison with the Congressional committees. To get the legislation better in agreement with the President, so it would not be immediately vetoed, & thus to save time. All appearances required by the President could be done by ANY ONE of the three, so to cut down time taken away from Wash DC duties.

    You know, maybe it could work. It does have some great advantages. What do YOU think?
  • Jul 05, 2012 09:36 PM
    Last: 10yr
    Hello Guy:  I really enjoyed your presentation, it was truly interesting. A real eye opener, as I thought I knew quite a bit about it, but was surprised to see a new perspective. Glad you included some music, too, as we settled back in nostalgia to hear some of those good old tunes. I always believe that music can have a profound effect on a person's perceptions, & puts a whole new emotional zing to it. Makes my day. 

    How the South prevented the Constitution from abolishing slavery, that is a very important point. And how Jefferson treated his slaves, was all new to me. I knew he freed his female slave who had his child. And the recent DNA tests have proved that Jefferson's bloodline is found among several generations of ex-slaves.
    Those descended directly from his one slave, who had his child. (Not multiple slaves, but just one).

    It was also important to see how current "fundamentalists" twist religion to influence Southern voters. It is so awful to find our so-called right-wing "Christians" are really closer to the camp of the Devil than to God.

    Today on MSNBC "Morning Joe" I heard a bunch of guys talking about who would be on Mount Rushmore if they could build it now. It was 75% Republicans, of course. Including Reagan, Eisenhower, & Daddy Bush. Several would not have included Kennedy, but a few would have. Some of the Presidents on Mt Rushmore now were judged not worthy, as they had been slave holders. Also many were judged for infidelity to their wives. There obviously has been some "revisionist" history set forth out there, & many people have been misled by it. They are trying to make a supreme "hero" out of Reagan, & Herbert Hoover, (who brought us the Great Depression of 1933) & a few other crooks. (Like Nixon of course). It goes to show you that in our time, history could be altered forever, to make the Future of America be based on total falsehoods. And to put into power the most corrupt people (corporate CEO's, bankers, Wall street types). The very type of leaders that would have made Jefferson, Lincoln, & Kennedy, tremble with fear. And revulsion.

    You know about the re-writing of our US History text books for classroom study. It is like a perpetual nightmare, the GOP want to destroy the TRUTH, HISTORY, & the exercise of real "democracy" in our US Government. Using a false idea of history, & false religious ideology, they have usurped all our power.
  • Jun 28, 2012 10:17 AM
    Last: 9yr
    I totally agree with that.  Congratulations & a BIG THANK YOU to Justice Roberts.
    Almost makes you believe in --- "With liberty and JUSTICE for All"  ----  once again.
  • Jun 28, 2012 10:17 AM
    Last: 9yr
    Since Fenway reminded me, (2 or 3 posts ago) -- that some people have NEVER accepted the outcome of the federal election in 2000  ----- YES, there are many MILLION who will never accept the Election of 2000. It was a  "rigged" election, plain and simple. Al Gore WON the ballot count when it was legally administered, & when it was studied at great length after the election had been decided by Supreme Court opinion. But it was Geo "W" Bush who was declared POTUS, & moved into the White House.

    Why is that IMPORTANT?  So we should NEVER FORGET? 

    A "democracy" is a nation "of the people, by the people, & for the people" --- meaning that the govt should be RULED by We the People, and in order to do that, we have to ELECT our LEADERS in a free and open election, (not a rigged sham put on by a brother Governor & a "paid off" Supreme Court). Obviously, Jeb Bush being the brother of George Bush JR, had a severe "conflict of interest", so he should not have been allowed to "govern over" the electoral process in the State of Florida that year. It violated all ethics.

    Besides his dear brother presiding over the "ballot count" in that election, Geo Bush also had a "cousin" who was at one of the Florida News outlets, & this cousin declared Bush the winner, even though it was False.
    All the US news outlets just "believed it" and ran with the story, without verification. SOMEBODY should have had the sense to ADMIT that a horrible Mistake was made, & "retracted" that announcement. To this day, I don't know WHY they just went along with the Big Sham, instead of setting the record straight. BUT WE DO KNOW why Jeb Bush and his cousin would have GREAT REASON to let the Fraud continue. A close family member of theirs would have the great honor (& power & money & prestige) of becoming PRESIDENT. And not only that, but the GOP would have another chance to takeover our govt, to place power in the hands of the corporations, and the Military Industrial War Machine, and the Oil Companies.

    Just THINK:  If  Al Gore would have become the next President, -- #43 -- we would have far less oil spills, more solar energy & wind turbine power.  We may Never have gone into the IRAQ WAR, & thus saved over $3 trillion dollars wasted on a useless stupid war, & then saved the lives of over 4,000 of our soldiers, and saved 40,000 mortal injuries to other soldiers. DUE TO THIS MASSIVE DEBT (for a useless War) OUR ECONOMY has been going Bankrupt for 11 years.  So we now have many US citizens Homeless and Jobless, and failing banks, & GOP trying to take away Social Security & Medicare (because they stole the money used for the ignorant War out of the Social Security Funds, & REFUSE to put the money back in).

    So WE  the PEOPLE should just FORGET the Election of 2000?  We should forget that "rigging" a federal election in a Democracy is -- TREASON?  It totally violates the entire U.S. Constitution, in all aspects.
    Maybe if Bush would have turned out to be a halfway "good" President, that increased the well-being of all our citizens, and  our national economy prospered, & our reputation was intact as a protector of World Peace and all Humanity -- maybe the Fraud & Sham would not be as egregious. BUT since BUSH was not only a LIAR and CROOK, who despises democracy so much, that he would violate all its principles, and dishonor the Founders & their Constitution. BUT he got us into Corrupt Lying WARS of nothing but attempts to exploit the Oil Wells of Iraq, Kuwait, & other Middle East countries. Finally, bombing a country that never threatened us, or attacked us, (pre-eminent strike in Iraq) is a WAR CRIME. & numerous other things Bush did, were horrible things that permanently damaged our nation's reputation & prestige, and ultimately has diminished our Power. OUR ECONOMY NEVER RECOVERED. We are still enmeshed in idiotic Wars, & our people are suffering more than ever. But YOU think, we should "just forget about it"?  NO WAY, Never.

  • Jun 22, 2012 08:45 AM
    Last: 10yr
    Hello Arizona:  Thanks for making the connection between the "witch hunt" on Eric Holder (Atty Gen'l) and the GOP wanting to retaliate for Holder investigating the Voter Purge down in Florida. I had not thought of that.
    Man, things can get ugly in an election year.  But it sure gives us a lot to gab about on the web: )
  • Jun 29, 2012 03:41 AM
    Last: 10yr
    Dear poor Fenway:  Obviously dear, you have nothing to do but follow people around & spit in their face -- possibly you think it is "cute" or "clever" --- but most grown-ups do not.

    If you want to have an honest rational discussion on a good topic, that would be allowed or even encouraged. Most of us like a good debate or discussion. But "baiting" people with false assertions or simple name-calling, is not appreciated on any Forum.

    Since you apparently lack the Facts and Resources to create your OWN topic, so you just come here to Vilify or Insult the posters who DO -- then I can only suggest that you could better spend your time in studying, getting an education, or join a Karate group. Take out your aggression on a wall of bricks, or knock down some bowling pins. You'll enjoy it.

  • Jun 28, 2012 04:01 PM
    Last: 10yr
    It was almost like a "miracle" when that Decision came out. Of course, the right wing had to have their moment of victory also. Albeit a FAKE moment of Victory. All the ditto heads had to be given their share of raw meat. (I wonder how the Repubs managed to pull that off).

    I am an idealist, so sometimes I believe that underneath that rigid exterior, some of those on the right wing realize how "wrong" they are, & how they are demolishing the great legacy of our Founders, & tearing our country apart. (Betraying all our people & our Flag).

    But then they come out swinging again, & all optimism fades quickly away. However, is it possible some idealism & patriotism might beat in the hearts of a few Supreme Judges?
    I noticed that ALL 3 WOMEN on the  Supreme Court voted FOR Obama's healthcare. It might be they've seen the huge "War on Women" being waged by the rightwingers.

  • Jun 21, 2012 09:11 PM
    Last: 9yr
    Hello Mr. Dwyer: (ha) More specific than just saying "Hi Guy" --- I always enjoy your posts as they are somehow moderate and calming, while telling it exactly as it is. I really wish I could remain calm like that, but I have this insistent urge to scream "fire" instead of just going to the wash room to get a glass of water to pour over it. It is the clear understanding of the imminent peril we are in (election in less than 6 months) that makes me insistent on giving out the facts. Otherwise I could just relax & overeat & let Rome burn. By the way, did you notice it WAS burning? Especially in Colorado. That is some beautiful area. The Air Force Academy, the Garden of the Gods, & some gorgeous mountains there, like Pikes Peak. I used to go there a lot when I was a kid.

    I have read your links several times, & really believe 99.9% of it. (Even if I do not see any real difference between the terms: "liberal" & "progressive", it's not really too important).
    However, the substance of all you say (in the LINKS) is incredibly beautiful, idealistic, & almost mystic. It speaks the way Jesus would speak about America if he were here now.

    The true religions of the world preach peaceful resistance, tolerance, turn the other cheek, & being meek & mild, surrendering in the face of evil. This was a method that would allow you to survive from Roman times to the present, by not getting yourselves all killed in revolting against superior armies wielding brutal power over you. It worked.
    But NOW, we have only 2 choices. Submit and surrender. Or be into full Revolution.

    If we submit and surrender, all is lost. Democracy will disappear overnight, & we will wake up to a Nazi horror or Fascist tyranny. If we fight, the odds are incredibly against us, the money & brutal forces are on the side of EVIL. There is one great HOPE. Just remember David and Goliath. And even the Roman Empire & Nazi Germany (even when they had ALL the power on their side) were taken down by the infinite power of God. 

    Yes, being meek and mild has its place. Ghandi & others like him could "fast" for long periods of time & get lots of people on their side. But they also did not know that fasting is very damaging to the body & could weaken or even kill them, if it continued very long.
    But often being meek & mild is a self-defeating behavior. There are many who would consider that as a sign of weakness & stupidity. And they love to exploit those things.

    If there is a vicious snake in your path, & you cannot go back or change your direction, then you can stand there & let the snake bite you, OR you can crush it under your foot.
    Now maybe some folks could be a "snake charmer" & hypnotize the snake with music and opium. But most would have to defend themselves the old fashioned way.

    Believe it or not, a short ways ahead on our Nation's path, there is a vicious snake, & it may wave a flag that says "Don't Tread on Me" --- the decision is yours to make.

    I wish this had happened 10 or 15 years ago, when we still had TIME to gather all the votes necessary to Amend the Constitution, & erase the rules that allowed corporate interests to overtake our citizens rights. When we could use the Supreme Court for its divine purpose, as a last measure to protect "citizen's rights" against the Corrupt. But right now, today, the Supreme Court will defend the Corrupt against OUR legitimate grievances. MONEY has taken over our Govt, & that is anti-democracy & anti-God.

    Every word on that website you advocate, your personal LOGO, is completely accurate and I believe it is divinely inspired. You treasure the same ideals that I do, the belief in Christian principles, while also realizing that NO religion should claim supremacy over any other, but all share the common goal of living life for the GOOD of mankind. If we could all realize that living in "harmony" with all our brothers & sisters, is the ultimate source of Peace & Salvation, then we are already THERE. 

    Sometimes I believe that the ideal of Heaven is not really for all of us individually, but the ultimate civilization we will create, when living according to divine principles, will be "like heaven" to them then. This is a "new wave" thought, that our own genetics are our form of "living forever" as our dear DNA will reproduce us, over and over, as long as Time endures. That in some form or other, our DNA is the soul, --- & if you have seen, as I have seen, "duplicates" of my ancestors being born in this century, you just have to wonder. -- The Bible says, "you must be born again." Could that be REAL?

  • Jun 21, 2012 09:11 PM
    Last: 9yr
    A very interesting stream of thought here today. Some deep penetrating explanations and ideas. (I'm not sure I can add anything to this, but  I will try anyway.)

    The problem with the "right wing" Fundamentalists, is that they are not so much a religion as it is a group of ideologues who "use" a False Religion to propagandize people to their Political Viewpoint. -- It is subversion of government, masquerading as spiritual faith. Insidiously as they progress, the intent is to brain-wash their converts to Fascism.

    METHODS used by the RIGHT WING to "indoctrinate" people to THEIR BELIEFS:

    When trying to indoctrinate a free nation into accepting Fascism (& abandoning their Freedom) one has to have a tempting "carrot" and a punishing "stick" approach. The best way to do this (not to cause suspicion) is to use the FACADE of a Church. You know --- those innocent places of spiritual enlightenment. To save souls & refresh the spirit? But in cover of darkness, underground from prying eyes of government, they are now enabled to brain-wash their subjects (in the congregation) very subtly thru all the "carrots" of salvation, brotherhood, & heavenly grace. And keep them in line by fear of Damnation, Hell, & rejection by the flock (the "stick.")  It doesn't take long, with the usual unsuspecting & naiive mind, to keep their people under control. 

    Then the minister can preach that the EVIL in this world is due to the "liberals" or the Democratic party. (Since nobody is monitoring their right-wing messages, for truth and accuracy. Most people do not even realize that this insidious "indoctrination" is going on). BUT in fact this has been going on, with increasing intensity, for the last 50 years.

    As I have said before, the JBS (Birch Society) began in 1958, formed by 12 Republican millionaires, & their goal was to subvert democracy in America, & to form a Theocracy if possible, & at least an oligarchy ---- Rule by the Wealthy, & by the Corporations.

    In just 50 years, the JBS have 50% of our American voters "brain-washed" to believe anything they tell them. If Rush Limberger announced that the Easter Bunny was a subversive plot to destroy Free Markets and the Global Economy, the right wing would go out & shoot the Easter Bunny, & have joint gatherings with the GOP, the NRA & the T-party to celebrate.