STATUSInactive Member
CITYParker, AZ
JOB\SCHOOLArizona Western College

SOCIAL POLICYStrongly Liberal


I am an engaged 21 year old English major, who is a registered democrat but has become disillusioned with the two party dynamic. I am in love with a beautiful Southern Belle, and I am massively into heavy metal music. My hobbies include: writing poetry, hiking, fishing, hunting, making music videos on Youtube, and walking while listening to music. My favorite thinkers range from Friedrich Nietzsche, Mikhail Bakunin, Noam Chomsky, Max Stirner, and even Billy Goldwater.

Political Views

My political philosophy has changed a great deal since I became politically cognizant during my high school years. Though I have become a bit more tolerant especially with Washingtons massive spending, I am at the core a massive liberal with regards to foreign policy, social issues, and smashing the neocon Republicorp and Pseudo Libertarian corporatist parties. I am wholly willing to fight with my brothers on the left, to smash the corporatization, destruction of our country on part of the right and their corporate masters.