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  • Feb 13, 2016 05:22 PM
    Last: 8yr
    jaredsxtn Wrote:

    The problem the Republican Senate is about to face is two fold. If they block whoever President Obama nominates then the Democrats will respond accordingly no matter what happens in November. If they don't block President Obama's nominee then the court swings to the left. They are in a lose-lose situation.

    Unless they decide to go nuclear.

    But the thing is thinking on it further, Democrats have the advantage in retaking the senate no matter who wins the presidency and also keeping it in the midterms if there is a Republican president. And even if they did lose the senate, it would be by such a small margin the Republicans could never get 51 senators to agree to go "nuclear".

    And also, since this happened under Obama, Republicans would find it VERY difficult to block a nominee under both Obama and Hillary\Bernie. If Scalia passed during Hillary\Bernie, Republicans could make things very difficult and attempt to run out the clock for a couple years or use it as leverage. But not if they already spent a year blocking anything under Obama.

  • Feb 13, 2016 05:22 PM
    Last: 8yr

    This is my prediction for his replacement whether it happens in the next 12 months, 4 years or even 5 years. I've heard good things about him first hand from liberal activists in tune with the federal courts.


    I can see a scenario where GOP blocks a nomination under Obama because their base is crazy and we have to wait for Hillary or Bernie to nominate a justice. But if a Republican wins the white house, no way Democrats allow them to steal a nomination that is rightfully theirs. So it becomes a huge mess. The real worst case scenario is if Republicans are incredibly lucky enough to win the Presidency and the senate and decide to go "nuclear" and approve a nominee with only 51 votes.

  • Feb 13, 2016 05:22 PM
    Last: 8yr
    Holy crap. If U.S. politics wasn't dramatic enough. This is going to have a major impact on the elections and politics for the next 12 months.
  • Oct 17, 2015 02:32 AM
    Last: 8yr

    So we're pretty excited and happy to announce a new update to the website as everyone can probably see. The main improvement is mobile compatibility but everyone should hopefully notice a better user experience in all aspects of using the website. This is a first step of many more improvements coming leading up to the 2016 elections.

    One specific change I would like to point out is the new new four category system for issues which determines what shade of blue your profile appears in the forums. The "social" option has been expanded to now be both "rights\freedoms" and "quality of life". This means you can choose to rate your personal beliefs on four different categories for political issues and so up to four icons will potentially show up on your profile.

    We will be sharing some new features in the future which will also take advantage of these four new categories.

    If you encounter any issues with this new update, please contact any of the moderators or email support@democratichub.com.

    Or, you can also reply here with any comments you wish to share.

    Thanks a Bunch!!!

  • Feb 01, 2015 01:08 PM
    Last: 9yr
    I'm really hoping to see a big defensive performance by Seattle as that is always fun to watch. Been looking forward to this game for awhile. My prediction is that Patriots fans are going to feel deflated by halftime. :)
  • Feb 19, 2014 04:36 PM
    Last: 9yr
    Hi Everyone,

    We just released a news blogs feature to the community. It is pretty basic right now but we plan on expanding it with several more features and also plan to update the discussion forums as well. The idea will be to make the user interfaces for using the blogs & forums to be similar and have them be complementary features for the website.

    Currently, only older members (on for at least a month) can create blog articles for now but we plan to expand it to all users in the near future. For now, to create or view blogs, you will go to the settings icon when logged in but eventually we will move it to a new top menu member content icon that will be for discussion forums, blogs & comments.

    We are also working on a comments feature for the blogs and that will be used in other places throughout the website.

    There will also be an improved common interface for viewing all the content you contribute to the website including forums, blogs & future comments as well as searching the entire website for content.

    Hope everyone enjoys it. Feel free to give feedback here.
  • Jun 16, 2013 04:06 AM
    Last: 10yr
    jperry Wrote: Not that much different. I have problems with the installed text tool. No cut and past and the enter key doesn't work. When it does you find it is not consistent and it can send the cursor to any place except the desired location
    We plan on making improvements to the forum editor in the future. This release did not change anything with the forums.

    Are you saying you can't copy and paste anything in the editor at all or that the formatting is wrong? Are you pasting with special formatting from a word processor? What browser are you using and is it up to date?

    What we have done is forced everything to be pasted in clear text. So those pasting for a word processor will notice different font types, sizes, colors, images or special formatting will be removed. We force everyone to use the same plain text with bold or italics.

    So I am able from tests on all the latest browsers to copy and paste text to and from the editor using a simple text tool like notepad. I have also verified that formatted text such as from Word will be automatically converted to plain text when pasted in the browser.
  • Jun 16, 2013 04:06 AM
    Last: 10yr
    Hello everyone,

    As you may now see, there is currently a message box just below the main menu allowing you to try out the new version of our website. Clicking on the "try out the new improved design here" link will automatically take you to the new version of the website. If you feel you are not ready, then you can switch back at any time via the link "switch back to the old design here."

    We are working on releasing the help file on using the website in a day or two. Until then, it is blank.

    The new design streamlines the header and adds new features including:

    1. Website & Forum Search - There is a main search bar at the top which can be used to search the forums or other content in the website. This is an initial version of the forum search. We plan on adding more advanced search features in the future for the forums and entire website.

    2. Moderation Menu Icon - There is an icon you can click on when logged in which will show you the latest action taken by mods and you can browse all posts flagged or removed. We plan on updating this feature in the future and eventually have an arbitration feature where members can weigh in on whether and account should be banned temporarily, permanently or not at all.

    3. Forums Menu Icon - There is now an icon for the forums which if you click on it will allow you to more quickly access common forum related links including viewing your posts, threads and creating new threads. We also plan on doing a major overhaul of the forums in the future including redesigning the main forums page.

    4. Website Content Menu Icon - You can now more easily see all other content added to the website such as scandals, quotes & articles. In the future, members will be able to comment on these items.

    5. Settings Menu Icon - Now all your profile & account settings are easily accessible via the settings icon at the top. This is a first step in many more improvements we have planned. If you encounter any problems or have any advice\suggestions on the new design, feel free to reply here or email support@democratichub.com.

    6. Notifications - Currently, the only notifications members will get is for private messages. You will see a number over the messages icon whenever you have a new message. In the future, we will have notifications for the others icons as well which will be customizable. For instance, you could get notified everytime someone replies to a thread you are active in or if any new thread is added. Or notified if an account is banned or a post if flagged by a member. Or if certain types of content are added such as major Republican scandals or lies or high quality articles worth reading.
  • Apr 24, 2013 12:57 PM
    Last: 11yr
    GemsWoven Wrote: Should this site expand the topics to include things like hobbies, music, etc. We Democrats are far more eclectic than are the Republican folks.

    Just a wondering.
    This will take a more prominent role in the website in the future. We currently already have a section on this actually focusing on hobbies, interests & vices. With this are political topics such as drugs, marijuana, cigarettes, sex, pornography & hunting as well as other topics such as movies, music, healthy eating, fishing, sports, exercising, etc...

    Anyone can discuss a topic under there and select it when creating a new forum thread. In addition, some of these hobbies\vices\interests along with other topics play a major role in other features in our website.

    For example, you will soon be able to do a search to see controversial quotes by House Republicans about sex, pornography & drugs or that negatively target demographics such as LGBT, women or racial\ethnic\religious minorites.

    We plan to make it much easier to find and discuss a wider variety of forum topics in the future.
  • Apr 24, 2013 12:57 PM
    Last: 11yr
    There is a major website update planned for mid June which will include a streamlined user interface along with forum search. This means the entire look of the website is going to change and it will be simpler to use and have more documentation.

    Our next immediate plan after this planned June release involves us replacing the idea of forum sections with content topics\categories only. So when you create a new forum thread you will only select "topics" via autocomplete tag\topic\category search bar at the bottom of the forum search. And no longer select the forum at the top. We outgrew that awhile ago. In addition, we will have an auto-save feature which has been asked for.

    This future main forum page will show the most important threads based on different criteria such as how recent it is, popularity of the thread or popularity of the topic. You will also be able to customize the priority of how you view the latest threads and will be able to choose to ignore future ones or make certain ones a higher priority.

    Anyways, this mid June release will be huge. We've been working on it for awhile. We hope it really improves the current member experience and sets a framework for us really adding some meaningful improvements in the future.

    I will be actively engaging in the community after this release on the many different & exciting options we have for the future.