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  • "Kum ba yah" ("Come by Here") [kumbaya] is an African American spiritual [song]of disputed origin... with ties to enslaved West Africans. The song is thought to have spread from the islands to other Southern states and the North, as well as other places in the world. The song was originally an appeal to God to come and help those in need.
  • QAnon Fake Native Mascot Jake Chansley When left unchecked, stereotypes may lead to discriminatory behavior. Acknowledging stereotypes, however, and the psychological impact they can have is the first step in breaking down those beliefs... Amy MorinJake Chansley, yes that is his real name.
  • Going to the memory cloud for this...the mist dissipates sometime on or around 1988.Having relocated to Chicago, connections to things native were, for us, found at the Northside Indian Center. My wife and I were invited there in support of Native Rights issues.At the meeting was a group unfamiliar to me called "Witnesses for Nonviolence".



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By legal description I am a Native American. I am also a mixed blood. In terms of characteristics, by race I am a true American (whether I like it or not). I do not have Casino money or any monies depicted in the stereotypes about natives. I've worked my entire life to achieve the status of lower middle class. Presently I live in a more or less third world environment. The reservation life is the best I can afford.

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I am a Democrat. I am idealistic. Technically I'm an elder. I abhor corruption and hypocrites. I am not religious but I believe in a higher power. I support democracy/patriots yet have seen its weakness in some circumstances. Simultaneously I have reason to hold contempt for America. I am still learning or willing to learn. I have also been a teacher. I seek to understand the world I live in and my place in it. Please excuse any behaviors you consider to be trespasses. I am willing to make amends and compromises as needed.