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peaceful201967Create a prosperous and peaceful Nation NOW!

127 days ago
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I am a 66 year-old African American voter.

I am also very aware of Mr. Trump’s current “racially -divisive “ tactics.

He and his strategists are utilizing one of the oldest tricks in the book, that is to point out the weaknesses and corruption of the Democratic governments over the years and then blame those weaknesses for the current living conditions of the poor, African-American and Minority populations throughout these United States of America today.

The last time I looked, our governments across the land consist of Republicans and Democrats who are supposed to be working together FOR THE GOOD OF US ALL.

Mr. Trump’s is simply pointing out the time-honored, racially motivated underserving of the American People.

He is aiming at inexperienced and demotivated people and trying to make himself seem like their possible savior, or demonize his opponents… His GOP is also complicit. Please remind him.
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