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I am a 66-year-old African American male. I currently am working for Social Justice Enterprise called One Step Away -

Political Views

My views are simply these: I want our sytem of government to grow far beyond it's obvious limitations and POSITIVELY affect the lives of ALL Americans. The creation of a Resource Based Economy for all Humans and the elimination of the threats to our Earth home are at the topmost of my beliefs. I believe that America can once again lead the World if we just simply know where to lead the World. The current conditions of our Nation and it's "leadership " these days in 2019...are not for the good. We cannot just settle for "fixing them " through our election rituals. We MUST learn how to TRANSFORM our World into a once more desirable home for all to share.


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CITYPhiladelphia, PA
JOB\SCHOOLNewspaper Vendor/ Writer

SOCIAL POLICYStrongly Liberal
FISCAL POLICYStrongly Liberal
FOREIGN POLICYStrongly Liberal