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Navy Veteran, husband, father, grandpa, poet and political hound, further, I believe that knowledge and understanding are fatal to prejudice and bigotry

Political Views

Politics to me are quite simple, when it comes to voting I vote for the right man or woman to do the job. I weigh their abilities, education, professional (political and private sector) experience and ethics (historical and present conduct) pulling from all of their interactions. If they are found to be for the people 100%, honest, moral and upright in their dealings then they are a go. If they run a campaign based on ridicule, slander, and divisiveness or with immoral/unethical conduct then no, they are a non-starter. My views are quite people-oriented in nature further I do not hold with any policy, law, bill, order or regulation that would take a single right from the people excepting those laws and regulations that unduly harm or hinder the people on a wholesale basis, I believe that the people have the last say in all government business and I uphold the Constitution of the United States and its Bill of Rights but believe that America must create and make changes to their laws as progress dictates. Finally, I am a popular vote guy vs. Electoral College for obvious reasons. (The government exists to serve the people and operates at the people’s pleasure and on behalf of the people and for the good welfare of the people and safety of same.)