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  • Apr 21, 2018 10:37 AM
    Last: 3yr

    Before I met my partner, he went through a traumatising time caused my police misconduct. And even proving his innocence stating in evidence. They tried to press false charges against him even though he was honest all along, two young police officers shouting, verbally abused his politeness and scared him to the point he was unable to speak to anyone and unable to reach out for help, two officers completely changed their approach when they been around people, they been nice and polite, causing my partner unable to trust anyone, although they tried to press him with false charges such as sexual assult, it was false proven with evidence, and because these crimes they tried to press him with they are very dangerous and extremely aware by the society which could lead to harassment and most likely seriously injure an innocent person.

    When my partner was home, his parents only knew what they been told by the police, not knowing what exactly haplened, his mother has been telling her assumptions to her neighbours and the entire family. My partner was scared to speak, traumatised unable to do absolutely anything, he remained silence for years dealing with post traumatic stress disorder which grew a lot harder to deal with as he let everyone assume he did something bad where he was proven innocent and let them ruin his reputation. Not long after that, his mother grabbed him by his shirt going out of her mind as I witnessed, I was scared of her, she started throwing tantrums trying to grab me for no reason, she suffers from really bad mental problems which everybody let her do what she wants, and accepting her impulsive child like behaviour, she always tries to make people feel sorry for her on daily baisb. She attacked my partner ripping his necklace and leaving holes in his shirt, she lost control and impulsively pressed false charge against my partner which she convinced everybody it was him, hours later she quickly told everyone her story, especially, neighbours. I thought this is a joke. I couldn't believe she was that daft to be able to do this in front of me as I witnessed her losing control. I really wish I had some kind of device to be able to capture the threats if I tell anyone what happened she will get him in trouble, it was so bad she didn't realise what she was doing, once again proving his innoncence, his mother created more rumors which lead to trauma caused by neighbours and mind control which we couldn't collect visual evidence, but write it down, scarring you with panic attacks, stealing money and personal things, trying to kill us without no evidence who it was. At the time I had no idea what was going on, I just wanted to help him, but I didn't know how. Just recently found out the root of the problem which was misunderstanding and actually explained to his parents, talk to people, professionals, just speak out, but instead it was silence and rumors grew and grew.

    I don't understand how to help him, I've never in my life had to deal with a situation where it was left so long and all this time I tried to figure it out.

    The way he silenced his innocence for so long letting his mother do what she wants, he always let her say what she wanted and did what she wanted without realising how much damage she caused. But after attacking her son, she personally felt really bad, she picked up his necklace that was very meaningful to him, she cried, she said she would get him new shirt too. But she never unsaid the truth to all the people she lied to, she felt guilty but tried to buy him lots of stuff to feel better about herself.

    How do you deal with a situation where there isn't any visual captured evidence, and the things that were left unsaid for years, people just won't believe anymore as they already have a negative opinion and I don't know whether written evidence of incidents, dated and timed will be enough to support ourselves with our statements. People are very unaware of the truth, but I have a police report clearly showing he was absolutely innocent, but this traumatising event left him in his room scared to move out of bed in silence.